Award-winning director Jeana Khoury joins Tessa Films

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Jeana Khoury, a renowned South African director known for her evocative work, has joined the prestigious roster of Tessa Films, a move poised to make waves in the US market.

Khoury’s signing was officially announced by Tessa Films Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Lisa Masseur.

Under the name Jeana Theron, Khoury has carved a niche in the industry with her distinctive visual storytelling. Her impressive portfolio includes work for prominent brands like J&B, Toyota, Hyundai, Environ, KFC, and First For Women. Her creative range spans across television commercials, music videos, fashion films, documentaries, and branded content, showcasing her versatility as a director.

Masseur expressed her enthusiasm about adding Khoury to Tessa Films, highlighting her unique visual style and storytelling abilities. She noted that Khoury’s recent projects had continued to captivate audiences and praised the genuine emotion and depth found in her work.

“Jeana’s unique visual style was what initially drew me in,” says Masseur about her new talent. “And honestly, her most recent projects have continued to stun me in that regard. Overall, the look and feel of her work is uniquely distinctive, but there’s always a storytelling thread. And often, these stories have some heart and truth to them.

Tessa Films Executive Producer, Amy McIntyre, sees great potential for Khoury’s skills and innovative visuals in the automotive, spirits, and sports categories. McIntyre is confident that Khoury’s work will resonate and find success in the US market.

“We see Jeana’s skills and innovative visuals being well suited for automotive brands, spirits, and sports categories. But her strengths are so impressive, we predict her work will break through in the U.S.”

Seeking a foothold in the US market, Khoury was drawn to Tessa Films’ reputation for honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. She expressed her belief in the company’s genuine desire to support their directors’ growth. Khoury’s move to Tessa Films is driven by her aspiration to create visually stunning, meaningful, and thought-provoking work.

Khoury’s work has not gone unnoticed in the industry, earning her numerous accolades and honors. Her “Bride Armour” anti-domestic violence spot for Carling Black Label received multiple Lions at Cannes, including a prestigious Gold Lion, and garnered top recognition at the Ciclope Festival in Africa.

Additionally, her “16 Days of Light” campaign for First For Women earned the Grand Prix at the Loeries in 2020 and made the Cannes Glass Lion shortlist. Khoury’s contributions to the Joburg Ballet also secured both Gold and Silver Lions.

Khoury’s artistic journey began with a foundation in Fine Arts at Wits University in South Africa, where she experimented with video art. Her early inspiration to pursue filmmaking was sparked when she watched Jane Campion’s “The Piano” and realized that she, too, could direct films. This revelation led her to a career in the visual arts, where she continues to excel.

Prior to her directing career, Khoury worked as an assistant to the South African writer/producer Amy J. Moore, known for her work on “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.” Khoury’s commercial production experience started at the renowned South African production company, Velocity Films, where she worked as a creative researcher.

Notably, Khoury’s work often features strong women in prominent roles. She cited a recent project for First For Women as an example of the type of influential and impactful work she aspires to direct. The project, created for a women-only insurance company, features South African influencers and delivers a meaningful message while showcasing Khoury’s visual prowess, including intricate special effects produced mostly in-camera.

With her unique visual style and commitment to meaningful storytelling, Jeana Khoury’s collaboration with Tessa Films promises to leave a lasting impression on the US advertising landscape. Her creative journey from South Africa to the global stage is a testament to the power of talent and vision in the world of advertising.

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