ColorNation expands colorists roster with vets

(Taylor, Mercado)

Reid Brody’s ColorNation is celebrating its first anniversary by welcoming two esteemed colorists to its roster. Vincent Taylor, a seasoned artist based in Los Angeles, and Lea Mercado, a talented young artist from Southeast Asia, are now available through ColorNation, enhancing its diverse pool of talents.

Since its launch last summer, ColorNation ( has provided top-tier color grading services for a wide range of agencies and brands, including the US Army, Duluth Trading Company, Michelob, Dove, Deloitte, Carrier, and McDonald’s.

The company has collaborated with leading agencies such as DDB Chicago, Burrell, BVK, Highdive, UWG, and Lerma.

Brody expressed his excitement about the addition of these two artists, stating, “We’re thrilled to have such an experienced and versatile artist as Vincent Taylor on the ColorNation roster, and just as thrilled to have a fresh young talent like Lea Mercado join him. We’ve set a goal since our launch of offering world-class color talents to producers across the spectrum of categories, genres, budgets, and schedules, and we’ve been able to do that. Artists like Vincent and Lea see where the industry is headed, and they’re eager to be a part of it. And that makes us proud.”

Vincent Taylor

Taylor brings a rich and diverse background to his work as a colorist. With experience as a cinematographer, he has collaborated with directors and film crews globally, earning industry awards as a cinematographer. He has worked at renowned post-production companies such as Deluxe, Technicolor, MPC, Chimney, and Harbor, and ran his own color studio in Melbourne.

Taylor has contributed his expertise to various projects, including feature films and commercials, working with clients and agencies around the world. Known for his influential podcast, “The Color Timer,” Taylor has become a respected figure among senior colorists worldwide.

Lea Mercado

Lea Mercado transitioned to color grading after working as an editor and motion graphics designer at several post-production houses. She has also briefly served as an art director in the Philippines. Mercado’s color grading journey began in the Philippines and continued in Vietnam, where she worked remotely with directors from various countries, including the US, Australia, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, and Spain.

Her client base includes both established and emerging brands across Asia and the Americas, and she has collaborated with agencies such as Publicis, Dentsu, Ogilvy, and TBWA, working on projects for Honda, Unilever, Nestle, Samsung, PepsiCo, Honda Motors, Kimberly-Clark, and Nike, among others.

Mercado expressed her honor at being represented by ColorNation, stating, “Being represented by Reid and ColorNation is definitely an honor. This isn’t the first time I’ve been noticed for my work internationally, but this is the first time someone has acknowledged my work to be on par with the US market. It’s truly gratifying.”

ColorNation’s flexible and adaptable approach to global talent has made it a sought-after choice for agencies and brands looking for top-notch color grading services. The company’s diverse roster of colorists, combined with its remote workflow, aligns with the evolving needs of the post-production industry.

Katie Roach, a freelance agency EP, praised ColorNation’s approach, saying, “Reid has always had a great eye for color, and when he launched ColorNation I was really excited.” Roach emphasized the convenience and accessibility of working with artists worldwide through ColorNation’s network.

Tom Syoen, Executive Producer at The Works, shared his positive experience working with ColorNation, stating, “Clients more than ever are looking for the most bang for their buck, and that leaves agencies stretched thin. Creatives rarely have time to dedicate an entire day to a single color session, so remote sessions have become the default, due to the inherent time and budget savings and overall convenience.”

ColorNation’s remote workflow has gained acceptance and offers numerous benefits, especially in the current post-Covid landscape. The company leverages its international network to provide greater flexibility in resourcing and access to a wider talent pool.

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