Arianna Lexus’ indie feature wraps production

(Arianna Lexus)

Local Chicago actress and producer Arianna Lexus, has announced that her first produced independent feature, Hyde Out, has wrapped production.

“I’m extremely excited to announce that we have officially wrapped on our upcoming psychological thriller, Hyde Out, written and directed by Matthew Cichella that I’m producing as well as starring in!”

The film takes a head on, take-no-prisoner, approach to domestic abuse and violence. “There is such a HUGE mission behind our film which is raising awareness for victims of domestic abuse and violence,” Lexus tells Reel Chicago.

Lexus in Hyde Out

She adds, “We are not taking the content or the mission of our film lightly which will show through the EXTREME dedication and sacrifices made for the film and my role of Emily. We are here to tell a story, one that too often gets overlooked, and we are going to change that!”

Lexus concludes, “Let’s raise awareness, speak up and come together to make a difference for victims of domestic abuse and violence. Please help support our film but most importantly our mission by spreading the word! We are going to make a huge positive impact and change a lot of lives!Thanks for all the love and support!!!”

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The film was shot in Shirland, Rockford and Pecatonica over thirteen days.

The official synopsis says, “Things are always the same in this one-horse town. So, when a robbery goes wrong, Cash and Vegas find themselves on the run from the local authorities. With nowhere to hide and time running out, the two men take refuge in the home of an unsuspecting married couple. When violence ensues, Emily must reach deep down into the darkest place to find answers to the real nightmare she’s been living all along. Although all is not what it seems, this will be one night the whole town will never forget.

Reel Chicago will continue to update the progress on Arianna’s film.

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