Motherhood ‘The Toughest Job in the World’ short film

In celebration of Mother’s Day, 2021, directors Coco Fernandez and Kristen Tepper, co-founders of of 3AM Thoughts Production, in collaboration with International Spoken Word Artist, Goddess Warrior the Poet, have created a short documentary film to honor all those out there who have chosen to take on The Toughest Job in the World: motherhood.

Even more so, to specially recognize the single mothers who have taken on the role of both parents, while also striving to provide. The upcoming short film- highlighting the experience of motherhood will make its world premiere on May 9th on all 3AM platforms (instagram, facebook).


The Toughest Job in the World beautifully highlights the beauty, devotion and strength mothers contribute to the world.

The goal of this short documentary is to celebrate mothers, especially what single mothers, often sacrifice while parenting alone. The seen and unseen. It is a celebration of mothers past, present and future who have dedicated their lives to raising children in hopes that they will make a better tomorrow.

When speaking about the film, co-director Coco Fernandez said, “This project is very special to me for many reasons, but most especially because I am the daughter of a single mom. Even though she has passed away, I can’t think of a better Mother’s Day gift to honor my mom and all moms around the world.”

The release date of this short film will be Saturday, May 8th at 12pm CST on all 3AM Thoughts Production and Goddess Warrior the Poet social media channels.

3AM Thoughts is a Chicago-based production company focused on telling compelling, thought-provoking and personal stories, founded by three women dedicated to helping under-represented artists tell their stories. We cannot wait to share this piece and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating all of the mothers who have taken on The Toughest Job in the World.