AbelCine & Motion Impossible partner on AGITO

Motion Impossible, the modular remote dolly systems and camera stabilisers manufacturer, has announced the opening of its US division.

To ensure the best on-the-ground support, the company has formed a partnership with AbelCine, the industry leading film and broadcast equipment integrator, to provide sales, training and technical support across North America.

Motion Impossible currently produces two systems: the M-Series and the AGITO, offering production teams and camera operators solutions for moving and stabilising cameras in Live Sports, TV, Film, and VR. The most recent launch is the AGITO, the world’s first modular remote dolly. The AGITO features multiple configurations, allowing smooth motion from slow, precise dolly movement to high-speed tracked operation, all within one highly portable solution. With a very simple and fast change of its drive ends, the AGITO can be configured for free roaming operation in Sports mode, or precision movement on rails in Trax mode.

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Motion Impossible

Increasingly, camera crews and production teams are turning to remote filming solutions to apply the correct safety measures needed as a result of COVID-19. The AGITO works as comfortably on a film set as it does capturing the action in live sports. Most recently, Motion Impossible’s solutions have helped capture numerous sporting events that have been carried out with the implementation of social distancing measures, including the 24 hours of Le Mans race and the tennis US Open in September, as well as a wide range of feature films, dramas and commercials. This month, the company’s solutions have made their post-season debut in the World Series and will help capture SpaceX’s next astronaut launch for NASA on October 23rd.

Rob Drewett, CEO and Co-Founder of Motion Impossible, says, “We are extremely pleased to team up with AbelCine in the opening of Motion Impossible US. AbelCine is a trusted partner for many of the leading industry brands for good reason, and we are confident that they will provide outstanding customer service to our US clients.”

“Motion Impossible’s products combine modularity, flexibility and portability in a simple and reliable remote solution. At AbelCine, we’re focused on providing our clients with innovative solutions to the challenges they encounter in the field. Right now, that challenge is to create high production value content, safely and remotely. Motion Impossible provides tools that allow creatives to achieve this, while also expanding their creative options,” said Pete Abel, CEO, AbelCine. “We look forward to working with Motion Impossible in the US market.”

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