Illinois Lottery last-minute DIY gift ideas

0 If you’re looking for a last minute gift that’s sure to impress, consider spreading joy and possibility with Illinois Lottery holiday instant tickets.  “For many Illinoisans, this holiday season won’t be a traditional one,” said Illinois Lottery Acting Director, Harold Mays. “We hope the Illinois Lottery can help bring some joy during these unprecedented … Continue reading “Illinois Lottery last-minute DIY gift ideas”

OKRP ‘Brings Back Joy’ in new Illinois Lottery campaign

0 A new campaign for the Illinois Lottery from its agency O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul (OKRP) stars a charming –  but somewhat flawed –  hamster who playfully demonstrates the real joy in gifting the Lottery’s holiday instant tickets. When not in his cage, Claude the Hamster exercises his love of scratching, leaving his scratch marks on all … Continue reading “OKRP ‘Brings Back Joy’ in new Illinois Lottery campaign”

OKRP’s Illinois Lottery spot goes beyond monetary prizes

2+ A new spot from the Illinois Lottery pays tribute to the winning spirit of the people of the State of Illinois, through the story of a family and how they face the trials of everyday life when the mother in the family cannot go home. The spot was created by the Lottery’s creative agency, O’Keefe Reinhard … Continue reading “OKRP’s Illinois Lottery spot goes beyond monetary prizes”

Illinois Lottery produces 100% Illinois spot

A WINNING LOTTERY STORY for a change. The Illinois Lottery’s agency, Energy BBDO, actually assigned its new commercial to a 100% bona fide Chicago production company. Foundation Content, an Illinois corporation, staff created and produced the 3D all-graphics spot for the Hispanic market.

In other Foundation news: Heavy hitter Beth Goss was hired as senior strategist for Foundation’s L.A. office.

OKRP Lottery campaign shows “You Can’t Hide Winning”

0 The Illinois Lottery is extending its highly successful ‘You Can’t Hide Winning’, integrated marketing campaign from agency O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul to add additional support for the introduction of new instant tickets for the summer of 2020. The advertising first started in July and helped to support Instant Ticket sales growth of 10% in the … Continue reading “OKRP Lottery campaign shows “You Can’t Hide Winning””

OKRP puts Illinois ‘Up For Amazing’ in new campaign

4+ The state’s new agency of record tempts visitors with the allure of ‘fascinating possibilities’ Chicago-based O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul captured the wonder and awe of traveling in a new campaign for the Illinois Office of Tourism. Enhancing the state’s long-time Are you Up for Amazing? concept with a focus on ‘Amazing,’ the multi-channel campaign … Continue reading “OKRP puts Illinois ‘Up For Amazing’ in new campaign”

OKRP helps Illinois Lotto go for the heart

4+ New seven-week, multi-platform campaign showcases the emotion of turning Lottery tickets into holiday gifts (Chicago — Nov. 14, 2018) Illinois Lottery advertising agency O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul partnered with Camelot Illinois, the Lottery’s private management company, to create a holiday marketing campaign that focuses on the joy of thoughtful giving. The seven-week campaign brings … Continue reading “OKRP helps Illinois Lotto go for the heart”

‘Office’ star trolls in OKRP’s latest for IL Lottery

4+ Leslie David Baker plays a grumpy genie who sternly informs lotto players, “You can’t wish for multiple wishes” Leslie David Baker — who made fans of The Office laugh with his trolling of Michael Scott for eight seasons as Stanley Hudson — now has a new target for his grumpy, eye-rolling expressions: The Illinois … Continue reading “‘Office’ star trolls in OKRP’s latest for IL Lottery”

Tourism turns its back on Illinois production houses

As a rule, ReelChicago doesn’t go in for editorializing.  There are times, however, when something provocative comes up that can’t be ignored. Like now. 

Illinois Tourism, through JWT Chicago, its agency since 2004, continues, unchecked and unabated, to hire LA production companies for its television advertising. 

Andy Richter makes the Lottery shoots easy and fun

STORY’S  executive producer Cliff Grant says their recent Illinois Lottery project was “one of those shoots where everyone had a good time.”  The laughter flowed naturally, as the director and star of the Lottery commercials was comedian Andy Richter, Conan’s guy with the quick comeback.

“Anything’s Possible” as Lottery wins Batchy Award

THE LATEST AWARD for the Illinois Lottery was the top “Batchy Award” bestowed upon its multi-faceted “Anything’s Possible” campaign by NASPL (North American Assn. of State and Provincial Lotteries) in the Corporate/Beneficiary category. It competed with submissions from 40 other US and Canadian lotteries.

Lottery/DP spot wins major lottery industry award

The Illinois Lottery and agency Downtown Partners/Chicago won what is the biggest and most prestigious award in the North America lottery business: the annual Fleurry Award for the Lottery commercial “Shopping.”  

Presented by La Fleur Magazine, a worldwide lottery trade publication, “Shopping” was voted the best TV spot by lottery executives working in the industry, reports Lewis Lazare in Chicago BizJournals.

All that’s good in advertising in Lottery/DP campaign

Life is good.   Sometimes anyway.  

We’re on record — repeatedly — as having found life to be especially good when viewing the TV commercial work that has been the hallmark of the Illinois Lottery since Michael Jones became superintendent and put Downtown Partners Chicago in charge of the Lottery’s advertising account. 

Lottery spots exemplify best of Chicago advertising

It’s the eyes.  Yes, the eyes for sure.  How do we know the Illinois Lottery and its ad agency of record Downtown Partners/Chicago got this new round of very smart brand commercials exactly right?

It’s the eyes.  Absolutely the eyes.

We’re talking about those expressive eyes and the message of fear and longing they so brilliantly convey in the spot simply titled “Shopping.”  They are the eyes of the fictional character identified at the top of the spot as those of Will Meyers of Springfield, Ill. 

Downstate town dresses up for Lottery shoot

THE ILLINOIS LOTTERY’S HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN was filmed in four locations throughout the state, including two days in Red Bud (pop. 3,700) way down south near the Mississippi River and St. Louis.  If Red Bud sounds familiar, it’s because the incredibly lucky winner of the Illinois Mega Millions jackpot last March lives there. 

Reinvented Lottery approach pays off in holiday spot

Yes, we know.   By now, we know.  More than a year into the reinvention and resuscitation of the Illinois Lottery, it’s become clear that “anything’s possible.”  In fact, come to think of it, that core message couldn’t be a more apt expression for the holiday season.

Though it was coined just after the holidays last year, the tagline does have about it that sense that miracles can happen anywhere at anytime.  Though plenty of us skeptics doubt such things, what’s wrong — at this time of year anyway — with giving the line that added bit of resonance.

Jones hit jackpot with Lottery’s first year changes

Taste.  Style.  Both are lovely words. Though hardly ones we would — in the past — have commonly associated with the Illinois Lottery.  After all, how many tacky, juvenile, schticky TV commercials does one have to sit through before concluding that — in the past — the Illinois Lottery was all about appealing to the lowest common denominator?

The very, very lowest.