Chicago devastated, Cusack allegedly assaulted by CPD

2+ With 699 arrests, more than 80 people shot, a dozen killed and even more injured this was one of Chicago’s deadliest weekends in recent memory. As mayhem and chaos spread across the city, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the Chicago P.D. and eventually, the National Guard attempted to maintain peace as more than 3,000 protestors, … Continue reading “Chicago devastated, Cusack allegedly assaulted by CPD”

Mayor Lightfoot has two words for Trump – “F U”

6+ During a press conference held today, Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashed out at President Donald Trump for his tweet which promoted violence against Minneapolis protestors angered over the killing of George Floyd. The Mayor, who is never one to hold back said, “I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It’s … Continue reading “Mayor Lightfoot has two words for Trump – “F U””

From holiday classics to one-of-a-kind concerts

3+ This holiday season, WTTW, Chicago’s PBS station, and WFMT, Chicago’s classical radio station, will present a variety of special content throughout the holiday season. From holiday classics to one-of-a-kind concerts featuring some of the world’s best musicians, WTTW and WFMT’s holiday programming offers festive content for all. New and notable WTTW holiday programming includes: A Charlie … Continue reading “From holiday classics to one-of-a-kind concerts”

Good news, filmmakers! Tax credit extension bill passes the House — now it’s on to the Sentate

THE TAX EXTENSION IS ON ITS WAY! The Illinois House voted 107-7 to extend Illinois’ generous 20% tax credits. The bill was introduced to the House by speaker Michael Madigan .

From there, the bill goes to the Senate and wends its way through committes and ultimately to the Senate floor for a vote ? assuming all goes according to plan. It’s difficult to say when to pop corks — everyone’s hoping before the end of the month — so stay tuned.

3to1 Studios juggles rent-paying work, a monthly short and PSAs to encourage support of the arts

As a new young company, 3to1 Studios is surging ahead with production of a whimsical short film a month for podcasting and enough commercial business to pay the rent.

The name comes from the three commercial services offered in-one venue?film, web design, and graphic design?said Josh Reichlin, partner, editor and graphics designer.

The shop opened last February in a 300-sq. ft. studio in the Fine arts building when four Columbia College grads teamed up with veteran producer Floyd Webb.