Zacuto team’s short wins top prize

BEST FILM PRIZE in the 9th annual Chicago 48 Hour Film Project went to Quicklips Productions’ “Gazillion Dollar Sausage,” conceived, produced and finished in less than 24 hours over the July 24-26 weekend.

“Gazillion” will screen at the International Filmapalooza festival at NAB 2010 and be considered for additional prizes through the 2009 Panavision HD Filmmaker Showdown.

The winning team consisted of four Zacuto equipment employees ? Joe DeJulius and Patrick Fee, who directed, Scott Lynch, shooter/editor, Matt Kelley, who acted ? and their friend, graphic designer Joe Avella, who also acted.

Improv actors Neil Arsenty and Tim Herman and actress Laura Smith rounded out the cast.

Drawing “silent films” as the genre on which to peg the film, the team created the story of “Louis Grimes, the director of the local city orphanage, who must try and save the orphanage from being closed down by the evil Mr. Millionaire who wants to turn it into a sausage factory,” described Lynch.

The team began brainstorming the script at the 6:30 p.m. start time Friday, July 24 and completed all phases of production within 48 hours, by 4:30 p.m. Sunday, giving them time to submit it at the Northwest Side Capitol Bar by the 6:30 p.m.

Quicklips competed against a field of 45 filmmaking teams. Winners were announced the following Sunday, Aug. 2 at the bar, where they received trophies presented by Steven Patterson, who runs the annual 48 Hour Film Project in Chicago.

The team has produced several prize-winning shorts in 2008, including a second place prize in the Chicago Short Comedy Video & Film Festival.