Zacuto shows 30 new products at CineGear, L.A.

Zacuto will exhibit 30 recently released products at Cine Gear Expo 2009 in L.A. this weekend. The innovative light weight DSLR Gunstock Shooters are included in the newest items to be showcased June 5-6 at the expo at Paramount Studios.

Gunstock Shooters are part of Zacuto’s new line of Gorilla Kits created specifically for “on-the-go, run-and-gun” guerilla shooters.

In addition to the new Gorilla Kits and Z-finder prototype, Zacuto will exhibit its entire line, including the 27 new products released at NAB in April.

“I know these Gorilla Kits are really going to stand out,” said Zacuto partner Steve Weiss, director and product designer. “Guys have been telling us that they wanted a super lightweight, affordable, adjustable system when not using rods for a follow focus or a matte box.

“This is the next level of lightweight gear and every camera operator will want to try this,” he added.

Also on display: A new prototype of the improved Z-finder Version 2 and DSLR Rapid Fire #Z-DSLR, the most popular Gorilla Kit, with three points of contact: gunstock on a shoulder, hand on the camera and eye in the viewfinder.

Zacuto will be joined in Cine Gear booth 171 by representatives from Switronix, Letus35 and Cinemek.

Meanwhile, Zacuto’s third episode in its “FilmFellas” web series are three production company owners who offer insights into emerging business models for content distribution on all platforms.

Zacuto’s Weiss is joined by Edward Seaton, founder of Recurve Media to create online content; Anish Savjani, found of Film Science production company and a two-time nominee for an Independent Spirit Award and producer of indie film “Wendy and Lucy,” and Mike Michaud of Channel Awesome, producer of the satirical website,