Zacuto kicks off 2007 with a $275,000 investment in new equipment, more Zacuto-made products

Zacuto is aggressively starting off the new year with an irresistible offer of a 50% discount on the first rental for new customers.

“We want to attract more local customers to experience the entire Zacuto rental package system,” said Steve Weiss, co-owner with cinematographer Jens Bogehegn.

Weiss also announced the purchase of $275,000 in new cameras and accessories to keep up with the demand for rapidly-changing equipment. “You not only must know current market demands, but what the market will be like a year from now,” he said.

Key among the acquisitions is a $30,000 Panasonic HDX900. Rental packages are available at various price points. “This model is just below the Varicam and uses all the Varicam lenses and batteries,” he said.

The four new Panasonic HVX200 cameras bring to 10 the number of total Zacuto HVX200 Studio Setups for rent.

Other new products for rent: Two AJ-HDC27H Varicam HD camcorders; and an AJ-HD1400 HD recorder, and a Panasonic 3700B D5 recorder.

Recently added to sales inventory are four new Zacuto-designed and manufactured accessories:

The Z-Offset enables the cameraman to comfortably position his eye in the viewfinder of most palm cameras that have viewfinders in the back and center.

ZGrip? handgrips is designed for all lightweight support rod systems.

The MicroMount? is for attaching an articulating arm to any individual 15mm rod.

The HVX200 Studio case with custom foam insert allows the placement of a complete studio camera package in the case, including hard drive and 7-inch on-board monitor, as one piece without disassembling the camera package.