Now view “Two Chicagos” video on OTSC’s site

“There are two very different Chicagos that children can grow up in today. There is the world-class, opportunity-filled Chicago that many of us have been fortunate to give to our own kids,” says Rich Stoddart, CEO of Leo Burnett North America.

“And then there’s another Chicago, where access to so much of what we love about our city can be very, very distant.”

That’s how the long-time Off the Street Club board member summarizes the city’s polarization poignantly portrayed in the “Two Chicagos,” the 5-minute video produced pro bono by One at Optimus.

Screened at the Club’s Dec. 5 fundraiser, it visibly impacted the Club’s advertising community supporters. 

“It brought together the sharp contrast and dichotomy of how children can grow up in our city,” said Tina Manikas,  OTSC board member and president of FCB/RED. 

“It pulled at the heartstrings and reminded us how important it is for the Chicago ad community to support our kids every year.”

Now, two weeks later, “Two Chicagos” may be publicly viewed on Off the Street Club’s site.

It is, however, the only site for now where the video may be seen.

“Two Chicagos” was conceived and written by Burnett creatives SVP/CDs Colin Selikow and Vince Cook, and ACDs Chris Walker and Alana Shen. Bridget Rose produced. 

Director Duncan Wolf, whom the agency had specifically requested, DP Drew Wehde and crew shot Aug. 10 and Aug. 11 on locations found by the One staff: leafy, white Lincoln Park and Humboldt Park and desolate, black Garfield Park, where OTSC is located. 

One at Optimus’ line producer was One’s Emma Jubinski and Tim Cahill edited. One’s assistant editor, Lindsay Rynne, recorded the narration.  Her rough cut voiceover was so compelling that the agency retained her for the final version.

Cinematic Orchestra provided the music track.

Representing their respective sides of the city were two 10-year old boys: Mikey Proeschel, from Barrington, who was recruited through connections at Leo Burnett, and Javontae Essie, from Off the Street Club.

“We dream of a Chicago in which every single child has the same fundamental rights: to find joy, to harness their own brilliance, to hold on to their innocence just a little bit longer, to be who they are without fear of what danger may lurk around them,” Stoddart comments.

“That ‘One Ch1cago’ exists at the Off The Street Club.”