WTTW launches The Great Chicago Quiz Show

Geoffrey Baer, host of Great Chicago Quiz Show

Calling all Chicago trivia nerds! In The Great Chicago Quiz Show, a new, fast-paced weekly series premiering on Friday, March 26 at 8:00 pm on all WTTW platforms, Geoffrey Baer puts socially-distanced contestants from across Chicago and the suburbs — and viewers at home — to the test as they contemplate all things Chicago. 

The contestants are as fun and interesting as the questions themselves. They include a high school student from Lakeview, a Chicago-born Hollywood producer who now hosts a podcast about sex, a South Side father who creates Chicago history videos on TikTok to educate his kids, famous rapper Lupe Fiasco, a sports radio host, a social scientist who also writes a comic book character, Chicago-born “Cheers” star George Wendt, a clown who cheers up hospitalized kids, and many more. Geoffrey’s quiz covers history and politics, architecture and geography, arts and culture, business, and sports.

Tune in to watch contestants answer questions like: 

The four stars on the Chicago flag represent Fort Dearborn, The Chicago Fire, The World’s Fair of 1893, and what?

Songwriter Thomas Dorsey created the first gospel choir while working as the music director for what Chicago church?

Three First Ladies of the United States were born in Illinois, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and who?

Chicago’s annual Bud Billiken Day features the largest African American parade in the nation. Who was Bud Billiken? 

Abraham Lincoln is the only U.S. president to have a patent. What was it for? 

ANSWERS: The World’s Fair of 1933; Ebenezer Baptist Church in Bronzeville; Betty Ford; A fictitious mascot of the Chicago Defender newspaper’s youth club and section; A device to free steamboats that ran aground

The companion website – wttw.com/quiz – will feature an interactive quiz visitors can play wherever they are. Quiz takers will see in real time how their knowledge stacks up against others – question by question – and can share their scores for bragging rights on social media. For an upcoming special in June 2021, viewers can also acquire a box of curated trivia cards, perfect for playing the game at home.

“In The Great Chicago Quiz Show, our inherently curious audience will learn about the vibrant and fascinating city we live in and have a laugh along the way,” said Sandra Cordova Micek, President & CEO of WTTW. “Only WTTW can bring you entertaining family content that enriches lives, engages people across our communities, and activates the explorer in all of us.”

“For Chicago trivia geeks, those who miss trivia nights with friends, and the all-around curious, this series is the perfect Friday night activity,” said host and writer Geoffrey Baer. “I imagine viewers sitting on the edges of their couches trying to outguess the contestants. Win or lose, everyone learns something and has fun, including me!”

The Great Chicago Quiz Show is hosted, written and executive produced by Geoffrey Baer and produced and written by Eddie Griffin.

Director: Marc Shaykin
Editor: Paul Thornton
Graphic Design: Reed Marvine
Producer: Dan Andries
Associate Producer: Brendan Brown
Executive Producer: Geoffrey Baer

The website is produced by Meredith Francis, designed by Justin Henderson, developed by Nate Beversluis, and executive produced by Anne Gleason.

Lead support for The Great Chicago Quiz Show is provided by The Negaunee Foundation. Major support is provided by Joyce and Matt Walsh, The Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation, the Mollenhauer Progressive Philanthropic Fund in honor of Ida Mollenhauer, and Carl Buddig & Company (as of 3/2/21).

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