Wrestler John Cena stars in new Hefty spots by Havas Chicago

John Cena is not a great actor. I can safely say that since, well, he is nowhere around and I’m in the confines of my apartment!

That said, the wrestler-turned-TV-star-turned Hefty spokesman sure is likable.

And it’s his “Dwayne Johnson” likability that bodyslams any other spots this week and places these new Hefty trash bag spots, from Havas Chicago, into RAW.

Not WWE RAW. Reel Chicago RAW!

Starring Cena and… his mom, Carol Cena, the two demonstrate in hilarious fashion that not only does Mom know some rad wrestling moves but she is also painfully aware that Lake Forest, Illinois-based Hefty is a far stronger garbage bag than the wimpy competition. Looking at you, Glad!

In the new spot below, an unsuspecting customer peruses the trash-bag aisle in a grocery store. When he dares to pick up a box of clearly marked “Wimpy”-branded bags, Mrs. C steps in, well actually leaps on him, gets the poor schlep in a headlock and wrestles him to the floor. These are moves worthy of a cage match!

Baby boy John steps in with a rack of ribs to explain to the pinned loser that Mom is right.

“The first campaign was really successful and we wanted to continue its momentum and continue the authentic connection Hefty consumers had with Cena,” Jason Peterson, chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Havas Creative, U.S., said in an Adweek article.

A second humorous spot features a group of wives who meet Cena in the same aisle. Cena’s charm and good looks are expectedly used as the punch line, but it still works well.

According to Cena in Adweek, he was beyond pleased with Carol’s debut as an actor, “I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star than my mom. She has an amazing sense of humor and is the epitome of a strong woman having raised five boys.”

Mom and son working together to sell Hefty. It’s nowhere near a wimpy concept. In fact, it’s pretty strong. And that’s why it’s RAW for this week.


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