Women of the Now Anniversary Showcase

The Chicago-based,
collective presents
a variety of films
that explore
the “complexity
to the experience
of being a woman.”

On Saturday night, Women of The Now will showcase a variety of “femme-driven narratives made by some of Chicago’s top up-and-coming female-identified filmmakers,” for its Second Anniversary Screening at Chicago filmmakers.

The program will begin with an hour-long reception, then proceed to light up the screen with seven short films and a number of filmmaker Q&As. If the event is anything like last year’s show, it will be a night of refreshing variety.

“We are giving people several separate tastes to keep it exciting,” explains Taylor Wisham, WOTN’s Director of Events and Educational Outreach. “There’s one documentary, one experimental dance film, two comedies, one film that’s like a mystery … every time something new comes up, you’re having a whole new experience.”



Since arriving in Chicago two years ago, WOTN has enabled women to not only pursue their projects, but also to get them on screen. Their efforts have produced a body of work that defies any categorical description.

“When people hear that it’s an all women screening they think feminist, powerful, harsh, and this is our voice and hear us roar — which is dope — but, this is going to show that women are dynamic and we are flawed,” Wisham continues. “There is complexity to the experience of being a woman, and those complexities are showcased in each film, including the films featuring male characters.”

Enter the world of Bea Cordelia
Enter the world of Bea Cordelia

WOTN also hosts a number of extracurricular activities and events that help women grow within the Chicago Film Community, including collaborations, partnerships, educational outreach, and social networking events.

Wisham, who is also an actor currently appearing in Prop Theater’s 2 Unfortunate 2 Travel, originally got involved with the organization through Facebook. She stepped into her official role when the previous Event Producer, Nandi Mudiwa, took her film production and wardrobe stylist talents to Los Angeles.

But at its core, Women of the Now is all about making films, and the Anniversary program includes the trailer for Golden Voices, a 15-minute award-winning short created by a group that includes WOTN founder Layne Marie Williams. So check out the full lineup below and click here to reserve tickets.


A Gold Point Studio production created by Grace Pisula, Zack Sievers, Melissa Schlesinger, and Layne Marie Williams for the 2018 Indiana Film Race (winner), starring Kalika Rose, 2018. | A woman who hosts a radio show documenting her paranormal forensic studies ventures a visit to several towns in Indiana and tracks the emergence of ghastly voices speaking of gold.

Directed by Briana Clearly | An experimental film that explores the idea of becoming your most authentic self under the influence.

Directed by Laura Day, 2018, 4 mins | A disgruntled young woman makes her way through a monotonous day only to face a shocking surprise in this millennial mood piece.

Directed by Akuabba Agbo, 2018, 8 Min, 50 Sec | An awkward guy finally decides to step out of his comfort zone when he finds himself single on yet another Valentines Day.

Directed by Laura Day, 2018, 9 mins | Enter the world of Bea Cordelia, writer, director, performer and trans activist, in the first installment in a series of femme-focused documentaries by Women of the Now.

Directed by Jill Sandmire

Directed by Shannon Metelko & Mandy Work Wetzel, 2018, 6 mins | An experimental dance film that explores anxiety from inside the mind.

Synergy Cypher Pt. 1 is the first single off the all-women’s produced and performed Hip-Hop album Synergy. Performed & Written by Jovan Landry, Glitter Moneyyy, Sauda Muse and Jade The Ivy. Produced by Jovan Landry.

Synergy Cypher Pt. 2 is the second lead single from the all-woman produced & performed album Synergy. Written & Performed by Chicago artists Jovan Landry, Sundé, Tee Spirit, JuJu MinXXX and Tweak’G. Produced by K Flow.

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