Wisconsin incentives at risk

The Wisconsin legislature’s Joint Finance Committee is still weeks away from discussing the commerce portion of Gov. Jim Doyle’s proposed budget, but the governor and his fellow Democrats remain far apart on incentives for filmmakers and video-game creators.

The incentives, which had been in place for little more than a year, were removed from the new budget proposal by Doyle.

Since Doyle has made the tax subsidies a high-profile item, attacking the incentives publicly, state Rep. Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee), a member of the state’s Joint Finance Committee that is wrestling with the budget, has suggested retaining the incentives while making modifications that make them more focused on benefits for Wisconsin residents.

“After Wisconsin businesses have invested millions of dollars in infrastructure to support industry growth, it would be irresponsible to scrap this strategic investment as it exhibits both success and future potential,” Grigsby wrote.