Willy PAs on a TV show and learns more than he never wanted to know about “drifting” car races

Two years ago comedy filmmaker Willy Laszlo exchanged his everyday production job for a chance to fulfill his dreams. He moved to L.A.

In part two of this cautionary tale, he tells of his one-day PA job with a TV company that prides itself on producing cable shows about cars and motorcycles.

After parting on Sunday from the Crazy Guy with Money, who was going to produce a low-budget movie I allegedly was going to direct, I lined up a job for the next Saturday working as a PA for a television company.

We spent all day shooting a style of racing called “drifting” that had been brought to the West Coast from Japan.

Drifting is when some pinhead (usually of Asian decent although there are a couple of crackers out there) hops in his car and skids sideways around a corner, sober.

Usually a “drifting race” consists of a pair of cars sliding sideways close to each other around a couple “S” curves. After both cars had crossed the finish line, the judges rate the drivers’ style in “drifting” and a winner is declared.

“Drifting” for me is like someone discovering a different way to bowl.