Whitehouse Post Chicago signs Editor John Dingfield

John Dingfield

John Dingfield

International editorial company Whitehouse Post is pleased to welcome award-winning commercial editor John Dingfield to their roster.

A versatile editor known for cutting comedy, visual storytelling, automotive work, and six Super Bowl campaigns, John has been a fixture in Chicago for almost two decades.

With an MFA in filmmaking and directing from Columbia College, Dingfield began his career at Cutters, where he grew through the ranks to become an editor.

In 2009 he joined Beast as an editor and helped to launch their Chicago outpost.

Dingfield has teamed with brands including State Farm (DDB Chicago), Timberland (Martin Agency), Skittles (DDB Chicago), Bud Light (LatinWorks), Smith and Forge (Cavalry) and Fiat (Doner), and worked with directors including Erich Joiner, Craig Gillespie, Bryan Buckley, Martin Granger and Wayne McClammy.

In addition to his commercial work, which has been honored at festivals including Cannes, he has cut numerous music videos and short films.

“I’ve admired a number of the editors at Whitehouse for years, and followed their careers. I’m really excited to work with people who have inspired me, and who’ll challenge me to be a better editor,” says Dingfield of his move to Whitehouse Post. “More than anything, I just want to do good work. Hopefully, I can also make some new friends and mentor some talented assistants. I also have a bunch of friends who are already at Whitehouse Post, so it’s a natural fit.”

“We are thrilled to welcome John to Whitehouse,” says Whitehouse Post Partner/ Editor Matthew Wood. “We’ve crossed paths over the years and always had our eye on him, his talent speaks for itself and his unique personality will be a great fit here at Whitehouse.”