What to watch now that One Chicago’s season is over

(Some alternatives for One Chicago)

One Chicago, comprising Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med, has captured the hearts of viewers with its compelling characters, intense storylines, and seamless crossovers.

As the latest season of One Chicago comes to a close, fans of this thrilling interconnected universe may find themselves thirsty for some other TV series to fill the void.

However, fear not! Reel Chicago to the rescue!

There is a multitude of captivating shows available to satisfy your craving for gripping dramas, intriguing mysteries, and thrilling action. In this article, we’ll explore a range of recommended TV shows that can keep you entertained until the next season of One Chicago arrives.

Grey’s Anatomy: If you enjoy the medical drama aspect of Chicago Med, then Grey’s Anatomy is an excellent choice. With its long-running success, this series offers a captivating mix of medical cases, personal relationships, and emotional roller coasters. Following the lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy delves into their personal and professional struggles, making for compelling television.

Where to Watch: ABC.com, Netflix

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: For fans who appreciate the lighter side of Chicago P.D., Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a perfect pick. This hilarious sitcom centers around a talented but quirky group of detectives in a New York City police precinct. The show’s clever writing, lovable characters, and clever comedic timing make it a delightful watch that balances humor with some heartfelt moments.

Where to Watch: Netflix, Peacock, Sling

Station 19: If the firefighting aspect of Chicago Fire resonates with you, consider diving into its sister series, “Station 19.” Set in the same universe as Grey’s Anatomy, this thrilling drama follows a group of heroic firefighters in Seattle. “Station 19” combines intense action sequences with personal relationships, exploring the challenges faced by these brave men and women on the front lines.

Where to Watch: Netflix

S.W.A.T.: If you enjoy the high-stakes action and police procedural elements of Chicago P.D., S.W.A.T. is an exciting show to consider. Inspired by the 1970s series of the same name, this modern-day drama follows a Special Weapons and Tactics team in Los Angeles. S.W.A.T. tackles complex issues while delivering adrenaline-pumping action sequences, making it a compelling choice for fans of the genre.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+

The Good Doctor: For those who appreciate the medical aspect of Chicago Med, The Good Doctor offers an emotionally charged and thought-provoking experience. The series follows Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, as he navigates the challenges of working at a prestigious hospital. With heartfelt performances and engaging medical cases, “The Good Doctor” provides a unique perspective on the healthcare profession.

Where to Watch: ABC, Hulu, Sling


Chicago Justice: If you’re craving more of the “Chicago-verse,” consider checking out Chicago Justice. This short-lived spin-off focuses on the State’s Attorney’s team as they investigate and prosecute high-profile cases in Chicago. With appearances from characters across the Chicago shows, Chicago Justice offers a compelling legal drama that ties into the larger universe.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International: Jonesing for more Dick Wolf like Christopher Walken needs more “cowbell?” The Emmy Award winner and his team behind “FBI” and the “Law & Order” franchise, have three high-stakes dramas focusing on three different teams relentlessly tracking and capturing the notorious criminals on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list. The team functions as a mobile undercover unit that is always out in the field, pursuing those who are most desperate to elude justice.

Where to Watch: Hulu, Paramount+, Pluto TV

Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU Law & Order, Law & Order: Organized Crime: Yep we’re crying “Wolf” again. All three Law & Order shows rank among broadcast’s top 15 dramas in the 18-49 demo (L+7) and have reached nearly 50 million viewers across NBC and peacock for the 2022-2023 season. SVU is the network’s #1 show for the season-to-date across all platforms (L+35).

Where to Watch: Hulu, NBC, Peacock, Sling

While the One Chicago season may have come to an end, and with the current labor dispute between the WGA and the AMPTP delaying the Fall TV season, there are plenty of engaging TV shows to explore.

Whether you’re in the mood for medical dramas, police procedurals, or action-packed series, the recommendations above offer diverse options to suit various interests. From the long-standing success of Law & Order to the thrilling world of S.W.A.T., these shows can keep you captivated until the next season of One Chicago graces our screens.

Or you can just start at the beginning of Chicago Med, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire and binge a combined 30 seasons.

So grab some popcorn…

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