WGN reporter goes on rant chasing down drivers in snow-covered cars

Erik Runge of WGN

“Don’t be that guy,” says Erik Runge of WGN. “That’s so dangerous. I don’t understand that at all. It just really aggravates me. It’s just stupid. It drives me nuts.”

We’ve all seen it, and not only does it drive us crazy, it’s also incredibly dangerous! We’ve all driven behind someone driving with snow covered windows, and been pelted with chunks of snow and ice from cars in front of us by people who haven’t taken the time and energy to remove the snow before heading out to the streets.

After Chicago residents woke up to a blanket of snow Wednesday morning, Runge was doing a live shot early after the snowstorm and found himself going off on a rant about irresponsible drivers who don’t properly clean their car of snow before driving to their intended destinations. 

Just as he was hitting mid-rant, a car drove by covered in snow.

“There’s another one right now,” Runge said. “This guy, right here!”

He approached the car and the driver’s excuse was that he was in a hurry, so Runge removed the snow from the driver’s windows in a record ten seconds.

This only further enraged Runge, “Here’s the thing. It took me about 10 seconds. There’s no excuse!”

WGN said “Transportation officials say it’s important to take the time to completely clean off the snow from your car—including brushing off the headlights—and not just a small window for the driver. Leaving snow on top of your vehicle and on your windshield is dangerous not just for the person driving, but for other drivers who can be hit with flying snow from your vehicle.”

At least six states have a law that says drivers have to clear the snow off their cars before driving: New Hampshire, Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Maybe Illinois needs to be added to that list too?

Before heading out to work or to run your errands, please make sure to clear the snow off all of the windows and roof of your car!

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