WGN Reporter assaulted during live shoot

(Hall was assaulted while delivering report)

Over the last four years, it has become increasingly acceptable in some circles to assault and threaten journalists and on-air reporters. Of course, when you are egged on and visibly supported by the most powerful man in the country to do so, why not right?

WGN reporter Gaynor Hall was delivering a weather update in Shorewood, Illinois, on Saturday night for the 10 p.m. News when a man, who has since been identified as Eric Farina, sprung into the frame and assaulted Hall.

Farina shocked and grabbed Hall by the shoulders and shouted “F-ck her right in the p-ssy.”

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According to the police department, Shorewood police arrested 20-year-old who “made a full confession” and was released on $2,500 bond.

Hall posted her reaction to the incident on Facebook Saturday.

“A brief note to the young man who jumped in my liveshot tonight: It was not funny. You violated my personal space. You grabbed me. You scared me. Was it worth it?” she wrote on Facebook before announcing in an update that he had been identified and arrested.

“Thanks to your help, he was identified and arrested. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. I am ok and I appreciate you more than you know,” she added.

Guys say and do stupid things. This however is neither. It’s thoughtless And mean. Whether it’s someone reporting for Reel Chicago or someone for the CBS Evening News, we are all trying to do a job and don’t need this sh*t. We have enough pressures to deal without worrying if we will get attacked.

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