West Chicago house edits L.A. feature

Hollywood reached out to West Chicago-based Syntax Media to edit a feature called “Working Title,” written and directed by Robert Foreman and John Norton of Westbridge Entertainment, L.A.

Syntax’ Tim Burns edited the low-budget comedy/ drama based loosely on the trials and tribulations of making an independent film. It goes into limited release this summer and subsequent release on DVD in the fall.

Syntax owner Byron Willkins said this was the first independent film to be edited with Pinnacle’s Liquid Edition software.

“Pinnacle offers the one-two punch by having both a great video editing tool and audio editing package,” he said. “It has a fantastic color correction tool and background rendering capabilities. We also can take the audio directly into Steinberg’s Nuendo multitrack recording software to mix 5.1 surround soundtrack.”

Willkins, a producer for 18 years, branched out into a dealership and multimedia training in 2000. Syntax represents a variety of manufacturers, including Pinnacle, Adobe, Avid and Tascam.

Syntax Media employs eight full-time and operates out of a 4,400-sq. ft. facility with two editing bays, two training rooms, a conference room and administration area.

Syntax Media is located at 1525 Kautz Road, West Chicago; phone, 630/393-4100; see www.syntaxmedia.com.