Webisodes ensure young adults get the message

Upwardly mobile young adults were targeted by the producers of “The ?O’ Mission” as the audience for their newly launched webseries that “organically introduces” Tracey Powell’s STD testing and awareness venture, getSTDtested.com.

Director James Forni of Octane Rich Media, a commercial production company and rich media studio, is developing the episodic series for Kolo Films LLC and health entrepreneur Powell.

“The ?O’ Mission” stars Diana Rein as Indya, as a pop-punk singer coming out of a failed relationship and facing an STD infection.

Forni is writing and producing with Emmy-nominated Columbia College writing professor Michael Fry.

“I suggested from the outset that the target audience Tracey was trying to reach was already notoriously oblique to mass media and traditional marketing efforts,” Forni said.

Instead, he proposed an episodic series “where real life hook-ups and relationships in various states of evolution or collision were in full display.

“Viewers could identify with a character, whether reckless or responsible or any gradation in between, with respect to sexuality.

“Once the audience made the connection and we and earned their trust, we could introduce getSTDtested.com via scripted integration,” he said.

“By organically introducing the ?brand’ this way, getSTDtested.com became a plot advancing element that seemed a like a natural choice for the character and by extension the viewing audience.”