Waukegan holds July 4 filmmaking race

Waukegan holds its first 24h/7min Film Event over July 4th, in which 10 filmmaking teams race to complete a 7-minute film in 24 consecutive hours, starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, July 3. Audiences will judge the results at a July 4 screening.

The event’s mission, says local filmmaker and organizer Theophilus Jamal, “is to generate awareness of Waukegan’s cinematic history and spark interest in Waukegan as a viable movie location.” As for its history: Waukegan native Edward Amet in the late 1890s invented the Magniscope, the world’s first practical movie projector. Amet’s partner, George Spoor, later co-founded Essanay Studio in Chicago. Call Finely Made Films, 312/804-2370 or Email Magellan@FinelyMadeFilms.com.