Virginia and Elaine Madsen’s doc screens

NOT EVERYONE gets the pleasure and satisfaction of working with their mother, but Oscar winner Virginia Madsen teamed up with her filmmaker mom, Elaine Madsen, to produce a provocative doc. “I Know a Woman Like That,” features interviews with extraordinary women ages 64 to 94.

Produced by Virginia and directed by Emmy-winning Elaine, “Woman” will screen Oct. 13 at Columbia College, prior to which Brenda Sexton and Chaz Ebert will host a cocktail reception in the Madsen’s honor. BTW, the Madsens are Chicago natives.

A HOLIDAY PACKAGE of five Wal-Mart spots comes is our gift from the Martin Agency of Richmond, Va. L.A.-based Trio Films will shoot the spots here later this month. Don’t know the director as yet. We hear several other nice, big seasonal spot packages are en route, too.

THE $1.8 MILLION spent by the 2016 Committee on promotional films was probably a much higher amount, if you factor in the free services of actors and suppliers who contributed to the 2016 presentation films that were shot here by L.A. directors.

THE HOTTEST TICKET of the month is the invitation Cutters is sending clients to attend the “Blood Bath.” That’s the appropriately spooky-horrortitle of Cutters’ first-ever Halloween party Oct. 29.

In its Santa Monica office, Cutters hired award-winning editor Rick Lobo, who is currently editing an AT&T campaign for GSD&M. The recipient of two AICE awards, he was most recently with Beast in L.A. A native Californian, he started his career with FilmCore, San Francisco.

UMA THURMAN walks the Red Carpet Oct. 8 at the opening of the 45th Chicago International Film Festival at River East 21 theatre. Walking with her will be the film’s writer/director, Katherine Dieckmann.

Thurman stars in the comedy “Motherhood,” CIFF’s the official opening selection. The festival has 150 films scheduled from around the world.

AN EXTRAORDINARY ARRAY of of 26 famous movie and TV stars appearing Oct. 17-18 at the Hollywood Celebrities and Memorabilia Show at the Wyndham O’Hare hotel.

Here’s a small sample of some of the celebs expected: Mickey Rooney; Ernest Borgnine “McHale’s Navy” captain; Larry Hagman of “Dallas” and “I Dream of Genie” fame; “Star Trek’s” Jonathan Frakes; Tia Careere (the voice of Nani in “Lilo & Stitch”); soap opera star Genie Francis; “Tippi Hendren,” unforgettable in “The Birds” and “Marnie;” Sally Kellerman, “Hot Lips” of “MASH”; Val Kilmer “Batman Forever,” “The Doors” and currently the voice of K.I.T.T in “Knight Rider;” Chicago native Larry Manetti from “Magnum P.I.” and Cindy Williams the Shirley of “Laverne and Shirley.”

Most will have memorabilia to sell and other autobiographies they will personally autograph for their fans.

HOW TIME FLIES. Kartemquin will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Oscar nominated doc, “Hoop Dreams,” with a Nov. 4th fund-raiser cocktail party and screening at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

Guests will see an exclusive preview of Kartemquin’s upcoming productions and talk personally to the “Hoop Dreams” filmmakers. Proceeds will benefit the Kartemquin Films Development Fund.

IN MEMORIAM: Joe Slattery, a longtime voiceover actor famous as the voice of Jewel food stores for three decades, died Oct. 2 of a stroke. He was 87. A Memphis native, he moved to Chicago in 1960, signing with talent agent Shirley Hamilton

His extensive broadcasting career included voice and on-camera work for Wrigley, Oldsmobile, Allstate, Amana, McDonald’s, Ford, Sears, and many more. He also hosted the Pillsbury Bake-Off spots at state fairs across the country.

An active SAG/AFTRA member, Mr. Slattery was national AFTRA president, 1976-79, the first non New York or L.A. office-holder.

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