Viral video is first campaign for new spot house

The first campaign from new spot house Company C employed hidden cameras, candid interactions and a timely gimmick to illustrate client Western Union’s tagline, “There’s a better way to give the gift of cash.”

In the viral campaign, Comedian Michael Govier tries in vain to hand out money to a series of surprisingly reluctant passersby on the streets of Chicago.

“It was a lot of work because we were dealing with hidden cameras, button cameras, and needed really great audio from random people, and sticking microphones in their faces wasn’t an option,” said executive producer Patrick Donnelly, who founded the company last fall.

The spot was directed by Current Second City writer/director Alex Fendrich, a former A. Eicoff & Company creative.

“The agency, EuroRSCG Chicago, “wanted a ton of footage, locations, and reactions in just two days of shooting throughout Chicago,” Donnelly said.

“The C stands for Chicago. I love Chicago and love working here more than any other place in the world,” he said. “I’m a huge supporter of our community and wanted to somehow incorporate Chicago into our company name, since we will never expand our offices to ? or start satellite offices in ? New York or L.A.”