Vinyl & OKRP launch Illinois Office of Tourism campaign

Vinyl, a Songtradr company that provides direct access to creative talent, commercial music licensing, pre-cleared music, sonic branding, and custom composition, announced today the commercial license of “Time for Me to Fly” by REO Speedwagon for the new Illinois Office of Tourism ad spot.

The ad titled “Time for Me to Fly” encourages families to get back on the road and was created by OKRP Advertising Agency in Chicago. 

“Dave and the team at Vinyl were the music partners we needed, when we needed it most,” Tom O’Keefe, Founder and CEO of OKRP. “Not only did they help us execute a pretty big request in a short period of time, they were also spot-on strategic partners, who successfully guided us through the process every step of the way.”

Time for Me to Drive,” launched by Governor JB Pritzker, the Illinois Office of Tourism last week, highlights the state’s seven national scenic byways and highways as more travelers seek to pack their cars and hit the road, a trend seen increasingly across the country as cities begin to open up. The campaign is now running on TV, radio, digital and print media, and highway billboards spanning 18 markets, and with ads also available in Spanish. The campaign is a key step forward as the state works to revive the tourism industry and reclaim Illinois’ place as a top destination for business and leisure travel.

“For this campaign, we wanted a song that would drive a sense of nostalgia and motivate both Illinoisans and visitors to safely explore everything our state has to offer,” said Karla Flannery, Deputy Director of  the Illinois Office of Tourism. “Time For Me To Fly” by Illinois’ own REO Speedwagon instills excitement to hit the road for a trip across Illinois.”

“This was a great project to partner on with Tom and the team at OKRP. They had the concept and idea for building the campaign around the song – which is perfect and where we were able to come in and help,” said Dave Curtin, VP of Partnerships at Vinyl. “We then investigated ‘Time For Me To Fly’ with the publisher and we were looped in with management. We had to get the artist’s approval for the use and once we did the whole project came together nicely. It was a win-win.”

“Vinyl by Songtradr” has a number of innovations planned for 2021 and positions Songtradr at the forefront as platforms evolve to enable and streamline more complex music transactions. ‘Vinyl by Songtradr’ will create frictionless, value-added connections between music and businesses worldwide.


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