Venue’s demands for changes cause for JoyArt Wrigley Bldg. party cancellation

What does an agency person look like, and how can anyone tell one’s occupation by the way he looks?

That was a question JoyArt Music asked the management of the 410 Club in the Wrigley building after Club management “imposed demands” on JoyArt’s long-planned and lavish Dec. 15 party there.

JoyArt chose the 410 Club as an ideal venue for its holiday-let’s get reacquainted party mainly for BBDO creatives and producers whose offices are in the building.

All went well until Club management saw a copy of JoyArt’s colorful invitation to the Jiggy @ Tha Wrigley Party. It listed hip hop, alternative, R&B and pop to be played by Uncle Butchie’s live band. And that apparently set off some “concerns,” said Joyart general manager Roger Corbin.

Club management and Corbin discussed the new restrictions. Among them: the Club’s right to evict anyone who didn’t look like an agency person, and for JoyArt to provide security in case a fight broke out.

“The new demands were unacceptable, nothing like that was in the contract and we were compelled to cancel the party,” said Corbin.

Nonetheless, JoyArt plans to host frequent musical parties throughout the year for Michigan Avenue agencies.

JoyArt Music, Chicago’s oldest and most enduring advertising music company, and subsidiary Copia Records, are owned by composer-producer Butch Stewart and Brenda Stewart.

JoyArt is at 2425 Main St., Evanston; phone, 847/733-4040.