Vadik starts shoot on first of four-film slate in collaboration with L.A.’s Albion Entertainment

Filmmaker Mark Vadik’s first feature, a romantic comedy, “Desertion,” starring Kim Rhodes (“Another World”) has begun production in Chicago and suburbs, directed by Francine Sondelli, a Wilmette native.

“Desertion” represents the first of several planned collaborations between Vadik of BYOB Multimedia Productions and Los Angeles-based producer Joel Miller of Albion Entertainment.

Miller and Sondelli co-wrote “Desertion,” about a woman who leaves her job as an ad executive and starts a new life in a small town.

“Desertion” features Robert Maschio (“Scrubs”), Brian Krause (“Charmed”), Bart Johnson (“High School Musical”) and Patricia Belcher (“Jeepers Creepers”). Tom Sizemore, who was previously attached to the project, dropped out prior to production.

They’re shooting under the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement, which covers productions up to $200,000.

Vadik is slated to produce Miller’s directorial effort “Come Closer.” And Miller will produce two Vadik films: the romantic comedy “Italian American Princess” and the horror flick “American Boogeyman.”

“We’re almost fully funded on all three films,” “We pooled our funding and created a slate to disperse the risk,” said Vadik.

“Princess” is planned for the diversity clause of the Low Budget Agreement, for films up to $3.75 million.

“Closer” and “Boogeyman” are operating on the SAG Modified Low Budget Agreement, which covers productions between $200,000 and $625,000.

Vadik wasn’t sure what sequence the films would shoot in, but planned to have all of them in the can by year’s end.

Vadik met Miller at the American Film Market last November, when Miller was developing “Desertion” with writer/director Sondelli, “I talked them into shooting in Chicago,” Vadik said. “I told them they could get a bigger bang for their production dollar. The state incentive package played a pretty big role.”

Sondelli previously wrote “Pastor Jones 4: Sisters In Spirit” for Nu-Lite Entertainment.

Vadik is releasing his previous horror film, “Hag,” through his own distribution outlet, Dead Branch Distribution.

Dead Branch is taking “Hag” directly to retailers, and subcontracting to Leo Films for the rental market.

Vadik’s first film “The Thirsting,” was released in 2006 by CinemaVault Releasing. It won the 2006 Audience Award at the Chicago Horror Film Festival.

Miller is writer/director/producer of the 2007 drama “The Still Life,” starring Jason Barry and Rachel Miner.

BYOB Productions is located at 125 N. Halsted, phone, 773-871-6667.