Utopic elicits love for McDonald’s in two new spots


Great performances,
top cinematography,
and A-list director
Morten Tyldum
elevate the brand
without mentioning
a hamburger

Utopic helped McDonald’s tell a pair of inspirational tales through two new 30-second spots created by Purple Strategies and shot by Rogue Producer.

Moving eloquently through career montages of two fictional employees, Maria Ramirez and Helping Hand celebrate the long-term advantages that McDonald’s offers to people who work for the restaurant.

Set to a mellow piano track by JSM Music and boasting the tagline, “committed to being America’s best first job,” the spots elicit love for McDonald’s without mentioning hamburgers or showing a mascot.

Maria Ramirez demonstrates how McDonald’s employees receive college tuition assistance with help from the $150 million that the corporation has allocated to its global Archways to Opportunity education program.



Helping Hand shows how working for McDonald’s helps employees build “the career skills that really matter,” including a knack for customer service that transfers to the office and boardroom with ease.

According to Utopic Editor Kat Pryor, a lot to of the commercials’ success grew from the mood and concept developed by Purple Strategies, an agency devoted to “a politically-inspired campaign approach.”

“The idea behind both spots was to create compelling stories that highlight the ‘first job’ experiences that all McDonald’s employees share,” she says. “The agency wanted the spots to feel warm and optimistic without being overly sappy and dramatic. Since we weren’t tasked with selling a product, I was able to really sink my teeth into the pacing and storytelling.”

Also key to the job was the stellar team that captured the footage, including The Imitation Game Director Morten Tyldum.

“Bringing on a director like Morten Tyldum really brought a cinematic feel to the visual storytelling,” Pryor continues. “And with solid performances by the actors and great cinematography by Maryse Alberti, it was a joy to edit these spots.”

Agency: Purple Strategies
   Creative Director: Chris Julcher
   Creative Director: Nic Fantl
   Executive Producer: Rob Farber, Rogue Producer Inc.

Post Production: Utopic
   Editor: Kat Pryor
   Assistant Editor: Jennifer Gaida
   Finish: Scott Ackerlund
   Mix: Brian Leitner
   Executive Producer: Heather Mitchell

Music: JSM Music

Color: Company 3 NY
   Senior Colorist: Sophie Borup

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