Utopic collecting for Puerto Rico

The results of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico have been devastating to say the least. And the response of the current administration to the island, which is home to 3.4 million Americans, has been ridiculously lax as well. Tuesday, the Trump administration even denied a request from several members of Congress to waive shipping restrictions in order to get gasoline and other supplies there.

While the administration concerns itself with more pressing matters, such as the NFL’s kneeling players, ad agencies and production companies in the Chicago area are taking up the responsibility to help those in need. One of those is post house Utopic.

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On a Facebook post, Utopic is calling upon the Chicago creative community to bring any supplies they can to their Wabash Avenue office. The items most requested are diapers, water, batteries, flashlights, baby formula, canned food, pet food, pain relievers, solar chargers, band aids.

According to Executive Producer, Heather Mitchell, it was something that the premiere post house just had to do.

“It was kind of just a gut reaction to what is going on and I felt like we needed to help,” she explains. “So, we thought if people had an easy way to get needed supplies to PR, they would be more likely to contribute. We are centrally located to most of the agencies downtown. So, I just ran it past everyone here and said, I want to be a collection site for agency people and then we can handle schlepping everything to different places that will get it to where it needs to go. I wish it was more organized and thought out, but that takes time and the people of Puerto Rico don’t have time!”

Mitchell says the plan is to collect as many necessary items as possible then drop them off at one of the collection sites across Chicago. If you have something you would like to contribute contact Mitchell. She will be more than happy to hear from you.

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