UNLTD. helps McD’s and Uber launch a tasty service

“Delivering Happy”

“Delivering Happy”

“Delivering Happy”
combined a pair of
globally recognized
brands that offered
a chance to
create a fun spot,
and fun it is

Last night, May 15, on primetime television, McDonald’s in partnership with Uber Eats released Delivering Happy, a national TV and digital ad campaign.

The campaign promotes the new McDelivery with Uber Eats service, an enterprise between the world’s most beloved quick service restaurant and the most widely used transportation service.

The arrangement between these two brands requires very little explanation: you can get McDonald’s through Uber. The campaign that combines them offers a great opportunity to have some fun, and We Are Unlimited took full advantage.

McDelivery Doorbell illustrates the joy that McDelivery with Uber Eats brings to customers’ doorsteps through a series of relatable vignettes. A montage of familiar situations mingling with the up-tempo Latin flavor of Della Reese’s “Come on-a My House” brings a smile to every person featured in the spot.

From the father that stepped on a Lego to the friends tearing up watching a movie, the sound of a McDelivery doorbell turns every frown upside down. Ending with the arrival of a fresh McDonald’s order, it is a tasty and satisfying effort.

“Other places deliver food,” explains the voiceover. “We deliver more than that … delivering happy.”



The components of Delivering Happy will broadcast and stream on TV, online video, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, digital radio, and influencer sites. The campaign will also run at retail and restaurant locations, events, and movies.

CLIENT: McDonald’s

Chief Marketing Officer: Morgan Flatley
VP of Marketing, Brand Content and Engagement: Kenny Mitchell
Senior Director, Brand and Marketing Content: Julie Wenger
Senior Director of US Marketing, Elizabeth Campbell
Senior Director of Cultural Engagement & Experiences: Lizette Williams
Marketing Manager, Brand & Content: Karen Adland
Manager, Brand & Menu Strategy: Jackie Hartle
Social & Brand Engagement: Joe Piaskowy
Marketing Operations Manager: Keishon Williams
Production Operations Manager: Janie Posadas Reyes
Senior Director, National Media: Jennifer Feldman
Senior Manager, National Media: Jamie Krinsky
Media and CRM: Anne Enright
CRM Manager: Janine Orgren
Director, PR & Engagement Communications: Molly McKenna
Supervisor, PR & Brand Engagement Communications: Trent Stafford
Manager of Cultural Engagement & Experiences: Nathalia Cambraia
Director, Retail Experience: Betsy Zurek
Supervisor, Retail Experience: Cara Johnson



Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America: Ari Weiss
Chief Creative Officer, Toygar Bazarkaya
Chief Executive Officer: Mark Mulhern
Chief Production Officer: Sumer Friedrichs
Creative Director: Mark Wegworth
Group Creative Director: Justin Wright
Creative Director: Cristina Sanchez
Associate Creative Director: Jonathan Pliego
Associate Creative Director: Sean Collander
Senior Art Director: Shelby Tamura
Senior Copywriter:Rachel Dawer
Head of Account Management: Melanie Behling
Strategy Director: Francis Coyne
Senior Producer: Ross Greenblat
Account Director: Neal Erickson
Strategist: Emily Luiz
Senior Project Manager: Caroline Helms
Director of Music: Alec Stern
Social Strategist: Alex Englehart
Group Social Director: Lora Stock



Director: Martin Werner
Managing Director: Dave Morrison
Executive Producer: Deannie O’Neil
Executive Producer: Jen Beitler
Head of Production: JP Colombo


EDITORIAL: SpotWelders

Editor: Mischa Meyer
Executive Producer: Caroline Padilla


AUDIO POST: Another Country

Senior Engineer: Peter Erazmus
Executive Producer: Larissa Beringer
Composer: Rasmus



SVP, Chief Creative Officer: Jim Eby
SVP, Retail Strategy: Tania Wendt
Account Executive: Collin Rowley



CEO, Creative Chairman: Luis Miguel Messianu
Co-President, COO: Isaac Mizrahi
Co-President, CCO: Alvar Suñol
VP, Executive Creative Director: Jorge Murillo
Creative Director: Alberto Calva
SVP, Account Management: Angela Battistini
VP, Group Account Director: Beatriz Del Amo
Account Director: Karen Udler
Management Supervisor: Cristina Lage
Account Executive: Jackie Bofill
VP, Strategic Insights: Angela Rodriguez
Sr. Director, Strategic Insights: Jennifer Pollack
Senior Planner: Felipe Diaz-Arango
SVP, Operations & Production: Michelle Headley
Executive Producer: Javier Rivera
Producer: Akim Lopez



Managing Director: Susanna Earnest
Group Director: Harry Hopkins
Group Director: Samantha Lev
Supervisor: Max Klindt
Director, Social Media: Maura McNulty
Supervisor, Social Media: Kelly Martin



Executive Creative Director + Managing Partner: Nic Climer
Creative Director: Kevin Green
Associate Creative Director: Anna Lee Doughtie
Associate Director, Strategy: Max Braun
Account Supervisor: Kerry Roach



Account Director: Lauren Gongora
Creative Director: Lejanet Herrera
Account Supervisor: Kaitlin LaBruzzo


PR AGENCY: WE Communications

Executive Vice President: Bill Schultz
Account Director: Kristen Thompson
Account Manager: Madison Cushman
Senior Account Executive: Abby Smith

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