Unashamed Media releases poignant short “Otis’ Dream”

Otis Moss, Sr.’s journey to vote in 1946 Georgia is one of heartbreak and enduring hope, and it is as relevant today as it was back then. Especially as people of color across the U.S. remain determined to cast their Constitutionally protected right to vote despite long lines, lawsuits, phony ballot boxes and voter purges. 

The poignant story of Otis Moss, Sr., a sharecropper from Troupe County, Georgia, and his attempt to vote in 1946 is narrated by his son, civil rights activist and pastor, Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. of Cleveland, Ohio, and written and produced by his grandson, renown preacher and social justice activist, Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Senior Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. 

“We are so incredibly honored that the Moss family asked us to direct this film,” said directors Jason and Blue. “Film is such a powerful and emotional medium and the opportunity to put the viewer in the shoes of Otis Moss Sr. as he walked from polling place to place, was truly humbling. It is not everyday we get to create art that can do so much good. We’re so excited that this film is helping draw attention to voter suppression, encouraging people to vote and bringing recognition to Trinity UCC and the Moss family who have been working tirelessly for social justice for generations.”

This uniquely American story of determination, faith and courage in the face of oppression has been shared by Oprah Winfrey, Vernon Jordan, and Marian Wright Edelman, but never before put to film.

Otis’ Dream tells the story of Otis Moss Sr. in 1946, when attempting to vote was literally deadly, some were willing to do whatever was necessary to vote. This film follows Otis through his day-long journey to try and cast his ballot in rural Georgia. Powerful, poignant, and prescient as today’s struggles with voter suppression multiply.

Told in a storybook fashion, narrated by 3 generations of Otis’ descendants, Otis’ Dream is meant to mobilize and activate viewers to vote and to never take the right to vote for granted.

Otis’ Dream is a must-see parable for all ages this election season. An accompanying curriculum offers students the opportunity to explore voter suppression and the long fight for Black enfranchisement in the United States. 

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CREDITS FOR Otis’ Dream:

Executive Producer and Writer:
Otis Moss III

Producer/Production Design:
Stacey Buckner, Invisible Landscapes

Directed by:
Jason & Blue

Edited by:
Andrew Schuurmann

Director of Photography:
Keith Walker, Media Process

Musical Score and Composition:
Bryan Johnson

Otis’ Dream was Produced by the Unashamed Media Group, a faith-based and social justice media firm founded by Otis Moss III.


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