Ullberg’s TV doc experience comes to bear

Lars Ullberg’s Applied Creative Training (ACT) brought together an A-list team to produce two 30-second spots for Brookfield Zoo’s new 7.5-acre “Great Bear Wilderness,” the largest exhibit built on the zoo to date.

The commercials start airing in June, displaying the naturalistic new home of North American mega-fauna icons: grizzly bears, polar bears, gray wolves, bald eagles, and bison.

Narrator Bill Kurtis lends a hometown voice to the “Go Eye-to-Eye” with nature campaign, bringing nature “so close to home” and touching on the conservation theme that runs throughout the exhibit

Native American themes are combined with the iconic animals in a National Park-like setting that allows visitors to view the animals from several up-close vantage points.

“Brookfield Zoo, as a non-profit organization, not to mention local treasure, deserves all the support we can give it,” says Ullberg of the industry effort to give the Zoo top quality productions.