Tyler Jay joins Dictionary Films

TYLER JAY, recently with the 2016 Committee, joined Dictionary Films as an executive producer of content.

While he was with the 2016 Committee, Jay oversaw the 22 bid films that were produced here over two weeks in July. He continues to contribute the Chicago Olympic efforts and maintains his seat on the Committee.

Before that, he was a senior producer with Draftfcb and a producer with Leo Burnett. Earlier, he worked in L.A. as a freelance producer/director for major advertisers.

A PREVIEW OF “RADIUS6,” Grace and Rob Federighi’s pilot TV show/website will take place Sept. 10 at Sully’s House Tap Room. The timely, cost-conscious show is about all the many family travel destinations that are located within six hours of Chicago and the best and most scenic routes to get there.

“BREAKING INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” is an informative session hosted by casting director Sharon King and actor Craig Harris Sept. 12 at the Encore Talent Agency. They, along with other successful industry professionals, will share advice on “how to enter and navigate the film and TV business,” says Harris.

OLYMPIC FILM PRODUCTION COSTS for Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid so far have been $1.7 million. The total expenditure has been $48.2 million, including $3.6 for event services and $3.4 for advertising.

Chicago has spent 37% more than New York’s $35 million 2005 bid for the 2012 Games.

BACK IN TOWN for the 2016 Committee this week is The Cartel, the L.A. company formed by acclaimed veteran director Leslie Dektor and his sons, director Paul Dektor and DP Mark Dektor.

Another L.A. company working this week is @Radical Media, with a two-day shoot for Titleist golf equipment and a Wal-Mart/Dove shoot Sept. 10-12.

A RARE TREAT is in store for Cinema Chicago members Sept. 23. Virtually invisible Chicago International Film Festival founder Michael Kutza and the voice of the festival since Day One, the legendary Ken Nordine appear together at the Arts Club.

A HEADS UP: The IPA will host a Town Hall meeting Oct. 1 at 6 p.m. at a location to be determined, either at Essanay Studios or Chicago Scenic Studios in the 1300 block of N. North Branch. More on location later.

The meetup will give everyone a chance to meet new IPA president Jeff Crabtree and more about the advantages of Illinois tax incentives, of which IPA has been the sole sponsor.

Attendees also will hear from IFO and CFO directors Betsy Steinberg and Rich Moskal, respectively, about what’s going on with Hollywood.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate, and you may even want to sign up as an IPA member.

“THE LITTLE FOCKERS” the third installment of the “Meet the Parents” franchise that was shoot due here Oct. 5 for a week has been pushed back to the end of October, we’ve been told.

“Ridealong,” a TV pilot for a cop show by “The Shield” creator, Rockford native Shawn Ryan, will shoot here in December.

ADVENTURE FANTASY “BLACKBEARD” starts shooting this week in Des Moines, with the title role being portrayed by Steve Coogan (“Tropic Thunder,” “Night in the Museum”). Also starring are Christopher Lloyd and Jennifer Sommerfield. Director and co-writer is Kem Konwiser.

The Iowa Film Office, representing the latest super incentives state, is located in Des Moines. A bureau of the Iowa Dept. of Economic Development, it is headed by Tom Wheeler, who has no discernible staff except for a pleasant woman who answers phones and belongs to another department.

WIF’S EXECUTIVE BREAKFAST features a distinguished panel of five new media experts talking about social media, billed as “Everyone’s doing It, but What is it Doing?” Sept. 15 at theWit Hotel.

Panelists are Danielle Uhlarik, YouTube Ad Programs Manager, Google; Brook Jay, president/CMO, All Terrain; Jason Keith, Strategy Director, Agency.com; Andy Swindler, Astek Consulting and Heidi Skinner, Influence Marketing Director, Critical Mass. Barbara Govednik of 423 Communication moderates.

FLASHBACK: An unsurpassed year for Chicago film production was 1998 when the high volume of $83 million ($109 million today) came from a record 50 features, teleseries and pieces of programming. The number included 26 local indie features.

A direct benefit was the permanent and part-time employment of 19,000 people. From Ruth L Ratny’s Original Screen Magazine.)