Two decidedly different Dec. 12 events

THE 24 HOUR FILM SCHOOL the afternoon of Dec. 12 promises to deliver some real world insights and inside info from four specialists, including that rare Hollywood species in these parts, an actual distributor, and a chance to do some serious networking.

Actually, the “film school” takes place within five hours and is divided into three sessions.

Attendees have a chance to ask questions about their projects or craft in the first session. In the next session, panelists talk about industry specifics in response to the questions. A networking mixer where attendees can get up close and personal with the guest speakers is the third session.

Since actual theatrical distributors are in short supply here, it’s fair to say the big attraction is distributor Michael Kachman. The 21-year veteran, who has held executive, including film acquisitions and marketing, positions with MGM, Lionsgate and First Look, now owns Rivercoast Films.

One of our local stars, Beverly Ridge Pictures president and co-founder John Bosher, will share his experiences getting Beverly Ridge Pictures’ first feature, “Chicago Overcoat,” to the big screen. He was “Overcoat’s” writer and producer.

Writer/director David Donnelley has directed spots, corporate and a TV pilot and just shot his first feature, “Doctor Feelgood,” which has a tentative 2010 summer release. He’s a busy guy, with a 12-episode cable series scheduled for spring and a feature in the fall.

Equally booked is writer/director Jeremy Passmore, whose first film, “Special,” premiered at Sundance, 2006 and was released by Magnolia Pictures. He has four projects in development for major studios, including a feature, “The Prince,” to be directed by John Carpenter.

The 24 Film School takes place at the Lincoln Restaurant at 4008 N. Lincoln is the venue, 1-6 p.m. Admission is $99.95 until Dec. 10 or capacity; otherwise, $149.95. See