TV show drought slows with reality series

A definite A&E series that starts shooting in October, and a Fox TV pilot that could turn into a locally-shot series, are the first TV shows to shoot here since “The Beast” last year.

O’Connor Casting is handling the second season of “Obsessed,” a documentary/reality series about persons who suffer from severe OCD and are in the need of help.

Casting director Joan O’Connor says they are seeking persons with OCD and other anxiety disorders for the hourlong episodes. Half of the 12 shows ? the length of the therapy — will be shot here, the other six will be produced in Los Angeles.

The reason the show decided to shoot here, says Adam Saltzberg, an L.A. casting director for L.A. producer Tijuana Entertainment, who is supervising the casting here, “is to change the setting and give it more of a Midwestern feeling, to get a different aesthetic going.”

Shooting within a 60-mile radius of Chicago, which includes Northwest Wisconsin and Southwest Indiana, will start in October and the series will air in January or February, Saltzberg says.