The Trib endorses the 30% tax credit

THANKS TO THE TRIBUNE for giving the film industry a huge boost with its recent strong editorial supporting a 30% hike in the filmmakers tax credit.

The critical incentive will be introduced — and hopefully passed — during the legislature’s short, two-week Veto Session.

“If the bill is not renewed, it will expire on Dec. 31 and we will have to wait for January,” says IPA president Lars Ullberg.

Ullberg and members of IPA’s legislative committee plan on being in Springfield for a few days during the session “to answer any questions the legislators might have.”

A BIG GLITZY PREMIERE Saturday for the Richter Brothers Studio’s Lake Forest doc, “Discovering Deerpath,” about the 150-year history of Lake Forest, at Gorton Center in the North Shore suburb.

The doc includes many prominent Lake Forest residents, such as astronaut Jim Lovell, Olympian Matt Grevers and Iwo Jima flag raiser Greeley Wells. Bill Kurtis narrates.

DETROIT STARTS THE NEW YEAR with the feature “Daddy’s Girl,” under the new production banner of Jonathan Krane Motion Picture Organization. Director Trent Cooper (“Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector”). Casting is underway, with newcomer Anya Anisimova signed to star.

CAREY LUNDIN, whose alter ego, “Citizen Kate,” was on the campaign trail for two years, starting with Sen. Obama’s Springfield candidacy announcement, will be interviewed on the “What a Woman Can Do” radio show Nov. 21 at 2:30 over