Toronto screens five Michigan-made features

FIVE MICHIGAN MADE MOVIES are featured at the Toronto Film Festival, Sept. 9-19. “These films are not only a success with the critics, they are a success for Michigan’s economy by creating jobs and investing in our communities and businesses,” said Carrie Jones, Michigan Film Office director.

These films represent 1,005 new jobs and $39.8 million-plus invested in Michigan’s economy.

  • “Conviction,” shot in Ann Arbor, Detroit and other locations, stars Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell; created 332 Michigan jobs and invested $10.8 million;
  • “Stone” (the opening night feature at CIFF) shot in Ann Arbor and nearby locations, stars Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton; spent $14.8 million spend and created 186 local jobs’
  • “Trust,” directed by David Schwimmer, stars Clive Owen and Catherine Keener; filmed in Ann Arbor and other locations, invested $7.6 million and created 169 jobs;
  • “Vanishing on 7th Street,” shot in the Detroit area, generated $6.6 million, created 120 jobs;
  • “What’s Wrong with Virginia,” filmed in West Michigan, stars Jennifer Connelly and Ed Harris, created 198 Michigan jobs.

A NEW YORK TIMES STORY tells how Dustin Lance Black’s film, “What’s Wrong with Virginia” ? the first feature produced by TicTock Studios of Holland — made it to the Toronto Film Festival, premiering there Sept. 15.