Top production companies to consider winners

“We’re gaining recognition,” says Chicago Screenwriters Network president Sonny Wareham in announcing the start of CSN’s second competition, and the addition of several more high-level Hollywood production companies that agreed to consider winning scripts.

The 2010 contest, open for entry submission Jan. 1 with an April 15 deadline, has been extended to include four additional Midwestern states.

CSN’s 2009 contest attracted more entries than the organization expected for its first time out. Consequently, “We feel we can expand our scope somewhat by including Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota,” Wareham noted.

Writers will compete for grand prize of $1,000, plus script submission to Hollywood production companies, agents and managers.

New to the 2010 list are Laura Ziskin Productions (“Spiderman” franchise producer), The Harris Company (“Crash” producer), Destiny Pictures (“The Perfect Nanny”), Foremost Films (“The Flock” and Vital Pictures (“Armored”) have agreed to read the winners.

They join Andrew Lauren Productions (“The Squid and the Whale”), Destiny Pictures (“The Perfect Nanny”), Foremost Films (“The Flock”) and Vital Pictures (“Armored”).

In addition, ABC Family, Vertigo Entertainment, Intellectual Property Group and Andrew Kersey Management will read winning submissions.

CSN’s website, will accept online entries Jan. 1, 2010 for an early fee of $45; $50 in February and thereafter a late fee of $60.

Sidebar: The Chicago Screenwriters Network has more than 150 members, who meet the first Sunday of the month at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln at 6 p.m. Fee is $5, plus $6.50 restaurant order.