My top five social media resolutions for 2018


If you’re like me, every year you make a set of resolutions that you’re bound and determined to keep. Whether it’s getting into better shape, finding that dream job, or getting more proficient in your social media game… you just know this is going to be your year!

We just have to make sure that our goals are realistic.

The problem with making lofty goals is that they may not be attainable. A survey conducted by the Huffington Post states that only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions.

Following are my very attainable social media trends for the year, which you can follow as well.

Messaging Platforms

Lorna Sheehan
Lorna Sheehan

Over 2.5 billion people use messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WeeChat, and Messenger. While most businesses are using public social media platforms to communicate with their audience, they are missing the boat when it comes to reaching customers on a more personal level.

In researching Millennials and Generation Z, we’ve found that these groups shy away from phone calls, emails, and public ads. They seem to prefer messaging, as it makes them feel like they’re getting a personal experience with you.

Do a little research to find out how artificial intelligence and chatbots can help you communicate with your audience via messaging. Do this, and you might just become one of the cool kids.

Post, Post and Post again

When thinking of what keeps you relevant with your followers, you must know it’s your posts. You need to let your connections know that you have your eye on things and that you’re still a contributing member of society.

Stay visible and post once or twice daily. This will keep you in the forefront of your followers’ minds and keep them on their toes.

Posting every day can make you look like you can do it all; run your business, answer their questions, and be accessible. Be a powerhouse and keep posting.

Keep Topics on Trend

Always search ‘Google trends’ for great ideas on the topics you should be discussing with your followers. Stay focused on the trends that are related to the image you want to portray, and not necessarily on the trends you personally feel strongly about.

Don’t get sucked into the vortex of controversial trends. Your business comes first, and you should keep your thoughts about these issues to yourself and only share with your close-knit friends.

The last thing you want is to have your followers disenchanted with you because you’re on the other side of an issue.

Instagram Stories

One of the biggest trends in social media in 2018 will be Instagram stories. While this feature was launched nearly a year ago, it has recently picked up steam and has surpassed daily Snapchat views.

By joining in on the Instagram story craze, you can better engage your audience. Another great aspect is, businesses with 10,000+ followers, can place a link within the story, which was only previously available in your bio.

The best part about marketing in your Instagram story, is that the metrics are completely trackable, so you can instantly see what’s working and what’s not.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has recently become a billion-dollar business. Some micro-celebrities are making six figure incomes and there’s a reason for this.

Millennials and Gen Z’s are becoming the groups that will yield the most purchasing power. This is important because they want to know what their influential peers are doing, using, and liking, so they can be like them. Therefore, we must use influencers to market our businesses.

If you’re already utilizing the aforementioned trends, BRAVO! You’re already ahead of the game. Now, what I would recommend, is that you think of five new things you’re not doing, and try them.

If we stay focused and on point, we could be part of the successful 8%!

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