TMK embarks on huge 20-month doc on global Alzheimer’s perspective

Producer Ted Kay of Northfield-based TMK Productions has embarked on “the hugest project” of his 20-year career ? a documentary on a global perspective of Alzheimer’s disease, one with “the biggest budget I’ve ever worked on,” he said.

TMK is under contract with the National Alzheimer’s Association, for which it produced an earlier documentary on the African-American perspective on Alzheimer’s. Executive producer and point person on the project is the association’s director of scientific affairs, Dr. Jennie Ward-Robinson.

The three-hour, HD shoot takes place throughout the world: The U.S., Europe, starting in London, where the Association’s international headquarters is located, Nigeria and Hawaii.

“We look at how the disease is perceived throughout the world by different cultures,” Kay said, “not just scientifically, but politically and economically. The subject is humbling. We interview some of the world’s most learned scientists, translating their many languages into England.”

Production began in December and will continue through July. Deadline is August, 2005. Kay said they had shot for eight days in January and eight to 10 days in February, working with the Illinois Council on Long-Term Care in capturing interviews with Asian, Latino and Slavic families of Alzheimer patients and their care-givers.

Kay and associate Dave Golden are producers, and TMK staffer Amy Levin is production assistant. John Rosenblatt of New York is contracted as main shooter. Crews and other shooters will be hired in the overseas locales.

Sound/Video Impressions of Des Plaines handles the editing, audio and finishing.

TMK Productions is located at 540 N. Frontage Road, Northfield; phone, 847/446-9636.