Timothy Olyphant in Full Circle streams back-to-back with Justified

Justified: City Primeval is not the only Timothy Olyphant series premiering in July. We predicted this would likely happen due to Olyphant’s busy year of filming.

Plan for a back-to-back double binge of Olyphant when max begins streaming the limited series Full Circle on July 13, just five days before FX streams Justified: City Primeval.

It would have been nice to stretch out our Olyphant shows to get us through the likelihood of a very dull Fall season with the lack of new episodes on One Chicago and The Chi, due to the WGA strike.

Full Circle is another collaboration between Steven Soderbergh and Ed Solomon who created and wrote the engaging miniseries. They previously worked together on the crime thriller No Sudden Move, released on HBO Max. This suggests a continued partnership between the studio and the creative duo.

The gripping crime-thriller Full Circle, with a star-studded cast, revolves around a kidnapping gone wrong. Claire Danes and Timothy Olyphant star as a wealthy couple whose son is the target of the kidnapping attempt. Zazie Beetz is the agent investigating the kidnapping, with guest stars Dennis Quaid as a celebrity chef, along with CCH Pounder, Jharrel Jerome, Jim Gaffigan, and William Sadler.

While Olyphant is the main character in Justified, he will be a member of a large cast of players in Full Circle, with standout performances from Claire Danes, Zazie Beetz, and CCH Pounder.

Full Circle Episodes streaming on max

Jul 13, 2023 
S1 E1 · Episode 1  — premiere
S1 E2 · Episode 2 

Jul 20, 2023 
S1 E3 · Episode 3
S1 E4 · Episode 4

Jul 27, 2023 
S1 E5 · Episode 5
S1 E6 · Episode 6 — finale

With its complex web of connections among the characters and the promise of twists and surprises, Full Circle should captivate viewers.

Full Circle is set to premiere July 13 on Max. Justified: City Primeval premieres July 18 on FX.

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