They’re number one: Chicago’s first and only DI boutique blows out first year birthday candle

Nolo Digital Film partners Mike Matusek, Boris Seagraves and Joe Flanagan are celebrating the first anniversary this month of Chicago’s first and only DI-dedicated boutique.

With a record year of high demand under their belts, it’s clear that “digital intermediate” is finally on the map as producers and creatives embrace the term and its new wave of color correction techniques.

“We saw the future and it was about options and accommodating all formats,” says Matusek. “As technology continues to evolve, it’s great to help clients realize the endless possibilities in quality and design.”

Matusek is Nolo’s colorist, Seagraves is the engineer and Flanagan the producer. Prior to forming Nolo, Matusek and Seagraves were with the original and now-defunct I-Cubed post house, and Flanagan ran his own Long Cut editing boutique.

Their clients are catching on to the advantages of our data-centric work flow, Matusek notes. “We work from start to finish, with no waiting for telecine reel changes, and we color correct shots in sequence, which older coloring systems can’t accommodate, and the sessions go faster. Clients are free to focus on design instead of the technology.

Clients range from Hollywood players and indie artists to high-end editorial houses and big ad agencies, a variety that pleases the partners.

Their spot clients include Time Warner, Salon Selectives, Aleve, Citgo, AT&T and an ongoing campaign for Emerson Electric, which won accolades from DDB producer Mary Pat Sampsell.

“In our recent Emerson Electric spot, we wanted a sweeping shot of the Persian Gulf on a sunny day but had bad weather during our Doha shoot,” Sampsell states. “Mike was able to correct several shots by matching the sky and water replacements with the color corrected film from the shoot day.”

In the long-form arena, Nolo’s current project is filmmaker Joe Otting’s new feature, “Under New Management,” scheduled for release later this year.

Features this first year that underwent Nolo DI services were Michael Keaton’s directorial debut, “The Merry Gentleman,” Jennifer Phang’s “Half Life,” and Steve James and Peter Gilbert’s acclaimed doc, “At the Death House Door.”

The partners work out of a 4,000-sq. ft. facility that boasts a new 500-sq. ft. theatre room for watching color correction off a big projection screen, with client work surfaces and comfortable theatre seating. An equipment room with an Ari scanner, offices, small business offices and a kitchen complete the space.

“We wanted to devote as much space as possible to client comfort,” comments Seagraves, “because they are the reason why we’re here

Nolo is located at 118 N. Peoria; phone, 312/243-8650. See