Thea Flaum the most prolific of TV producers honored by WIF Focus Achievement Award

Although producer Thea Flaum was one of only a handful of women in television in 1976 when she paired Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel in a movie theater balcony, she doesn’t consider herself a pioneer.

“What you’re doing it at the time really doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything unusual. You’re just following the path you are meant to follow,” she said.

Flaum and the path that unfolded for her will be celebrated Oct. 10 when she receives the Women in Film/Chicago Focus Achievement. Chicago native Bonnie Hunt also will be honored.

Flaum is distinguished as being one of Chicago’s most prolific TV producers; she ranks right up there with Bill Kurtis and Jonathan Towers in consistent output of TV shows during her 30-year career.