The Parker Andersons & Amelia Parker Chicago-based duo

‘The Parker Andersons’ and ‘Amelia Parker’

BYUtv, a family entertainment network available over cable, satellite and free streaming, announced a gamechanger with the premiere of a duo of new single-camera family comedies – The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker.

The two interwoven scripted series highlight events in the life of a blended multicultural, interracial family from two different perspectives. 

This completely new and innovative concept will enhance traditional TV storytelling by interweaving two stand-alone comedy series.

The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker, each with their own storylines and episodes, will connect by larger overarching plotlines tying the two independent shows together. 

The Parker Andersons follows the heartfelt family moments and warmly comedic antics of a newly blended family, while Amelia Parker centers around the quietest member of the family as she navigates the world around her. Both 10-episode series are produced by BYUtv, marblemedia and Beachwood Canyon Productions.

Parker Andersons
Millie Davis as Amelia Parker

The two interwoven scripted series highlight events in the life of a blended multicultural, interracial family from two different perspectives.

“It has been amazing to be part of a project that’s so unique and refreshing in the way it reinvents the way we tell stories, and BYUtv is thrilled to be part of it,” said Andra Johnson Duke, head of content at BYUtv. “The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker are standalone series that live in the same world and together quickly build the audience’s connection to the characters. It’s easy to invest in the hectic life of the Parker Anderson family and the love they have for each other despite their struggles, making us care about them even more.”  

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The Parker Andersons follows Tony Parker (Arnold Pinnock), a British widower and father of two, Nathan (Agape Mngomezulu) and Amelia (Millie Davis), who moves to the United States, where Kate Hewlett (Kate Hewlett) the mother of two kids, Victoria (Devin  Cecchetto) and Charlie (Charlie Zeltzer). All together, they quickly discover that sometimes being “blended” feels a lot like being in a blender.

Amelia Parker centers around the quietest member of the Parker Anderson family, a tween girl who is coming into her own. After her mother died, Amelia became selectively mute, figuring that before she participates in the world again, she’d better find her voice. In confessionals, we see that Amelia is actually an opinionated, vivacious girl, who openly explains her hopes, anxieties and fears in virtual conversations with her deceased mom.  

Anthony Q. Farrell  serves as showrunner and executive producer for both series. Farrell has written for NBC’s The Office and Nickelodeon’s  The Thundermans and  has developed shows for CBS Studios, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, among others.  He  is also the creator of  Secret Life of Boys, the BAFTA-winning CBBC series in its fifth season. 

The Parker Andersons will premiere on Monday, Apr. 19 at 6 p.m. CST, followed by Amelia Parker at 6:30 p.m. All aired episodes of the show are available to stream for free on the BYUtv app and at

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