The Mill teams up with EA SPORTS on ‘Feel Next Level’

The Mill

Creatively developed in partnership with EA SPORTS and produced entirely under COVID-19 restrictions.

EA SPORTS has launched a new adrenaline fueled brand film in collaboration with The Mill. Explore the powerful feelings evoked by football — from the emotional charge of 60,000 fans singing your name, to those heart-pounding seconds at the penalty spot.

Premiering at EA Play — a live streamed event that allows fans to engage with their favorite games — Feel Next Level, concepted by The Mill’s Tom Dibb and directed by The Mill’s Carl Addy, showcases EA SPORTS intentions for the next generation of gaming and encompasses both the FIFA and Madden franchises.

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Creatively developed in partnership with EA SPORTS and produced entirely under COVID-19 restrictions, the film draws on a broad spectrum of archive and purpose-built media, from gameplay cutaways and intimate fan footage to bespoke CGI and design elements. These contrasting components are blended together in a bold film designed to bring fans into the world of EA SPORTS.


Cinematics & Capture
Cinematic Creative Director: Colin Matisz
Sr Media Producer: Claes Dietmann
Director of Global Cinematics: Mattias Lindahl
Tech Artist: Brad Perry, Jonas Gammelholm
Cinematic Artist: Cody Kennedy, Felix Stemmer,Louis Thomann
Technical Cinematic Artist: Marc Schmitz
Animator: Julian Baquero Escobar, Skye White
Lead Animator : Lisa Wang
Lead Lighter: Rob Starr
Lighter: Scotty Shen
Cinematic & Capture Artist: Roland Athouris III
Lead Cinematic Technical Designer: Travis Nabe
Game Capture Manager: Sam Goncalves
Game Capture Specialist: Bernardo Falcao

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Thomas Mangham
Colour Assist: Rory Leighton. Megan Lee, Daniel Levy

Production: The Mill
Director: Carl Addy 
Head of Content / Executive Producer: Josh Davies
Line Producer: Elizabeth Wafer 
Directors Assistant: Alfie Johnson

Sr Director, Creative: Paul Marr
Creative Director: John Kline
Associate Creative Director: Alex Elms
Sr Director, Strategy: David James Jackson
Creative Production Lead: Andy Gillooley
Sr Producer: Troy Smith
Sr Group Producer: Anthony Doyle

VFX Production
VFX Production: The Mill
Senior Producer:  Nicole Duncan
Production Coordinator: Teddie Hanifan

Creative: The Mill
Creative Director: Tom Dibb
Senior Producer: Nicole Duncan
Assistant Producer: Teddie Hanifan
Business Lead: Rachel Stones

VFX Creative
VFX Creative: The Mill
2D Lead Artist: Carl Norton Joseph Tang
3D Lead Artist: David Hempstead 
2D Artist: Ben Turner, Aravind Mani, Ed Poulson, Laique Quraishi, Maheshwaran Chandrasekaran, Matt McDougal, Nehal Desai, Rahul Bhardwaj, Rahul Roy, Samarendra Lenka, Srilakshmi Narasimha Kondepi
3D Artist: Oliver Hallas. Patrick Keogh, Tony Atherton, Kieran Ashley Russell, Gabriel Burokas
Finish Artist: James Pratt
Matte Painting: Can Y. Sanalan 
Design: Henry Foreman, Ewan Davidson, James Dawe, Paul Bloomfield, Sam Singleton

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