The General new campaign marks first round from Energy BBDO

The General
The General and Shaquille O’Neal

The General is on a mission to establish itself as the most empathetic, flexible insurance company in the nation. The General kicked off the next stage in a continued brand evolution journey by announcing the launch of a new campaign, titled The Break, with the goal of reaching drivers who need a break in life, and on their car insurance.

The Break campaign shows how The General puts itself into its customers’ shoes and gives drivers a break when they need one the most — which is why the brand has been providing quality insurance and flexibility in policies and payments since 1963.

The Break campaign includes new advertisements, partnerships and a brand refresh with both an updated logo and evolved General character. Across all assets, the campaign showcases The General’s simple belief: when times are tough and it feels like things aren’t going your way, getting a break on your car insurance can make all the difference. The brand’s four new ads launch this spring and summer and showcase the specific breaks that The General has been giving its customers for years, such as flexible payment options and choosing your own payment due date.

Beyond the series of commercials, The Break includes an evolved character, developed by Psyop, who has been modernized and made more relatable. Most significantly, his eyes are now revealed to better showcase his empathy. The General’s brand team also leaned into the history and prominence of the company’s current logo, retaining the symbolic five stars while elevating the new logo through a refreshed design. The new logo was initially designed internally before lettering artist and New York Times Bestselling Author, Jessica Hische, polished and finessed each letter.

“At The General, giving a break to those who need it most is at the heart of what we do,” said Kale Sligh, VP of marketing at The General. “This new campaign speaks to our mission to be the most flexible and empathetic insurance company and continues our brand evolution. We’re committed to supporting our customers when they need us and have been leaning into that for 60 years.”

The new ad spots — which mark the first round of work to come from The General’s creative agency, Energy BBDO — tout flexible payment options and coverage that meets customers where they are. The General tapped a cast of characters and celebrities who have, at one point or another, needed a break in life. The cast is representative of The General’s strategy to create authentic partnerships that align with its brand values and mission, as well as connect with a diverse group of drivers who all deserve a break.

The General’s new ad campaign features four spots, including Bad Luck Brian and Piraguero. Bad Luck Brian pairs iconic brand ambassador Shaquille O’Neal with internet celebrity Bad Luck Brian to show that even drivers with comically bad luck can catch a break with The General.

Piraguero connects with the fast-growing Hispanic audience by featuring Shaq and the newly evolved General visiting a street vendor serving Puerto Rican shaved ice. This spot, which is The General’s first-ever spot conceived and produced solely in Spanish, leans into The General’s commitment to creating authentic, relevant connections with Hispanic audiences.

“What really drew us to The General was how much the entire organization truly cares for its customers including showing empathy, something that’s not usually expected in the category. That’s how we landed the idea for the campaign,” said Josh Gross, chief creative officer at Chicago-based ad agency Energy BBDO. “It’s a big, universal idea, and we’re excited to see it usher in a new creative chapter for The General as well as kick off our partnership with these incredible clients.”

To connect with audiences around the country, The General is also embarking on a series of purposeful marketing partnerships that brings The Break messaging to life, starting with the NBA G League. The General announced its partnership as the exclusive auto-insurance partner of the NBA G League and G League Ignite in November and kicked off an eight-part docuseries titled The Break, presented by The General. The series has quickly become one of the best-performing G League partnered content series of all time, proving that The General’s “Break” messaging is already resonating with key audiences.



Josh Gross, Chief Creative Officer

Pedro Pérez, Chief Creative Officer 

Cassidy Buzin, VP, Creative Director

Jon Leachman, Creative Director 

Tony Marzano, Senior Copywriter

Alessandra Coloma, Junior Art Director 

Abby Rogers, Art Director

Samantha Green, Junior Designer

Austin Navickis, Junior Content Creator for Motion

Anna Bleers, EVP, Client Service Director 

Greg Morrison, SVP, Client Service Director 

Juan Roman, Account Director

Lizzie Graft, Assistant Account Executive 

Javier Bracero, Account Director 

McKenzie Rome, Account Supervisor

Carla Eboli, EVP, Multicultural Market, D,E&I Lead

Jenny Haung, Associate Brand Manager 

Larry Gies, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer 

Shannon Smiley, SVP, Group Strategy Director 

Mike Razim, Strategy Director 

Chelsea Henricks, Social Strategy Director 

Shobin Matthew, VP, Executive Producer 

Lily McNamara, Senior Producer

Natalie Pomagier, Senior Producer

Mitch Monzon, SVP, Director of Production-Studio

Casey Cobler, VP, Managing Editor 

Ben Treimer, Senior Audio Engineer 

Lauren O’Machel, Post Producer


Elicia Azali- Enterprise Chief Marketing Officer- American Family Insurance Group

Tiku Raval- President- The General Insurance

Kale Sligh- VP, Marketing- The General Insurance

Mary Strength- Director, Brand & Experience- The General Insurance

Taylor Martin- Manager, Brand Strategy- The General Insurance

Lauren Littleton- Brand Strategist- The General Insurance

Andreall Moore- Brand Specialist- The General Insurance 

Ruben Rivera- Multicultural Brand Strategy Advisor- American Family Insurance Group


Managing Partner: Josh Ferrazzano

Executive Producer: Sloane Skala

Line Producer: Terri Shafirov

Director: MAMA 

DP: Erin Wesley


Director: Liam Griffin

Head of Production: Jamie Pastor

Executive Producer: Jen Cadic

Senior Producer: Jim Brattin

Associate Producer: Davell Lee Libbett, Chancelor Griffin

Head of 3D: Christian Bach

CG Supervisor: Fred Ross

Animation Director: Jean-Dominique Fievet

2D/Comp Supervisor: Randy McEntee, Bruno De La Calva

CG Animation): Pat Porter, David Camiro, Miki Sharlet, Monika Tenhuendfeld, Ben Mattern

CG Modeling/Lookdev: Ellie Stalie, Daniela Gomez, Yulong Jones, Oscar Trejo

CG Lighting: Carlos Taborda, Aldo Solis

Rigging: Ben Meyer, John Bloch, Darrol Moore

Shoot VFX Supervisor: Randy McEntee

VFX: Cristina Camacho, Luis Desman Gallegos, Steve Hallquist

Tech Animation: Nelio Naut, Zed Bennett

Comp: Ryan Raith, Bruno De La Calva, Galo Gutierrez, Rene Reyes, Tingting Li

Design: Enrique

After Effects: Clint Chang

Senior Flame Artist: Kim Stevenson

Color/Flame Assist: Cory Daniels, Alex Wysota

DMG: Shawn Schminke

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