The Emmys: Bear win sealed with a kiss


Matty Matheson, the heavily tattooed real-life chef and co-producer of the hit show The Bear, brought a touch of the culinary world to the 75th Emmys stage with a passionate and lively acceptance speech. The Bear secured the award for the best comedy, and Matheson used the moment to express his gratitude to the hospitality industry.

Matheson began by thanking restaurants and the broader hospitality sector. “I just want to thank restaurants as a whole, hospitality as a whole,” he exclaimed. However, his heartfelt words were momentarily interrupted when co-star Ebon Moss-Bachrach surprised him with a kiss on the mouth.

The unexpected kiss, delivered in the heat of the moment, added an element of surprise to the ceremony. While Matheson continued his speech, acknowledging the challenges faced by those in the restaurant business, the embrace between co-stars became a memorable highlight of the night. Watch below:

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“I just love restaurants so much – the good, the bad. It’s rough. We’re all broken inside, and every single day we’ve got to show up and cook and make people feel good by eating something and sitting at a table, and it’s really beautiful,” Matheson continued.

Expressing appreciation for the collaborative effort behind creating The Bear, Matheson emphasized the impact of their show on the audience, noting that it elicits various emotions, from joy to anxiety.

The Bear claimed its place as the most-honored program of the year, securing a total of 10 awards, including four wins at the Creative Arts Emmys held the previous week. Matheson’s passionate and genuine acceptance speech resonated with viewers, showcasing the unique blend of entertainment and culinary celebration that The Bear brings to its audience.

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