The Chicago White Sox hold ‘Fitted in Black’ screening event

Join the Chicago White Sox, in partnership with NABJ and XL Film Festival, for a special screening of Fitted In Black celebrating more than a half century of Hip-Hop and how it intersects with sport.

This White Sox documentary explores the 1990 White Sox rebrand and how the classic black/white ball cap immediately became a part of “a uniform” for many in hip-hop, cementing it as a timeless piece in music, fashion, and culture.

There will be a panel discussion after the screening, moderated by Emmy-award winning journalist Brandon Pope. Panelists will provide additional insight on the impact of the classic look and explain why storytelling around this relationship matters, as well as their own interpretation of how it has shaped hip-hop culture.

Fitted in Black

This exclusive event will include the opportunity for guests to network, watch the documentary, engage in a panel discussion, and additional photo opportunities. Light appetizers and drinks will be served.

Few baseball caps have left as profound an impact on hip-hop culture as the current White Sox cap introduced in the 1990s.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, which originated in The Bronx five decades ago, the Chicago White Sox have produced a short documentary titled Fitted in Black. This documentary delves into the team’s rebranding in the ’90s and its intersection with hip-hop, pop culture, and fashion.

Exploring the era that catalyzed the popularity of the White Sox cap and associated apparel, the documentary also delves into the symbolism of the Sox hat and its influence on the culture and community of those who proudly wear it today. The interview lineup features influential figures closely linked to the White Sox rebrand in the ’90s, including Ice Cube, Vic Mensa, Don C, co-founders of the Chicago Hip-Hop Heritage Museum, Rhymefest, and front office personnel involved in the rebrand.

The ’90s marked an exhilarating period for the White Sox, creating the ideal conditions for their new hat and apparel to resonate within the hip-hop community. Following the debut of the rebranded uniforms in the last homestand at the old Comiskey Park in September 1990, Guarantee Rate Field (formerly known as Comiskey Park) officially opened its doors in April 1991.

Accompanying the fresh uniforms, the White Sox roster welcomed star players and personalities such as Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson. The excitement escalated in 1994 when basketball icon Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA and pursued a career in professional baseball, joining the Birmingham Barons during his stint in the Minor Leagues.

As the White Sox achieved success on the field and their apparel infiltrated the mainstream, the hip-hop community played a pivotal role in popularizing the rebranded hat. Beyond the iconic Yankees and Dodgers caps, perhaps no other hat is as synonymous with hip-hop culture as the White Sox cap.