The tech guru gives reason why he hates technology

As I wander aimlessly through the tech landscape, I realize that a lot of people, including myself, say they “hate” technology.

I hate tech because of what it has done to us. It has created a whole society where we can avoid, dislike, distrust, hate and fear anything and everything.

The internet, for all its glory, has become a bastion of distasteful and disparaging remarks; a place where fact is called fiction and overt fakery is regarded as fact.

Have we forgotten that courtesy and kindness are considered character traits? Or that “liking” something on Facebook is not the same as spending time in person with someone?

We might be at a point in time that technology can make our lives easier, but at what cost?

It is astounding to me just how many couples sit at restaurant table ignoring all but their phones. The issue is so prevalent that many chain restaurants, catering to families and children, now offer “tablets” to “entertain” your family during their meal. 

My wife will spend hours slashing at fruit or collecting gems on her iPad every night, but complains when I work on mine.

We have to worry not just about drivers who text, but we must contend with a plethora of individuals that ignore the world around them while huddled over a glowing screen.

We have all seen them. They are the ones walking out of buildings or stores, the ever-present device in hand, without regard for anyone else that might be around.

They stand in the middle of the way, blocking the top of the escalator as they stop to watch videos of Facebook cats being scared by cucumbers.

This holiday season, put down your devices.  Go hear some music in person. Spend some time actually talking to your friends and then go hug everyone in your family, for a true change of pace. You might be amazed at how it feels, that is, until you pick up your phone again.